after having read the DCG-DSCG topic concerning the AI ​​which will replace in 10-15 years the profession of accountant and ever lower salary levels for the investment in training time that this represents: 2k5 the salary of a chartered accountant… I’m going to try to finish my L3 CCA to leave myself specific master options like logistics or management control in case later and then think about a retraining in another way…

I think that masters in the field of management such as the master in management control or logistics make it possible to end up fairly quickly in a position without leaving too many feathers or too much disillusionment with a decent salary and hours, although for the cdg it is necessary to target the sector to have the lightest possible hourly volume: social management control etc… but with all the same the ultimatum to be IA replaced in time

the problem is to know in which job to convert… you can’t play your life again and retype 5-year courses like that with each change in the environment

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