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You want work in the United States? If you think that your professional destination is in a country in Europe, the United States or Asia, it is important to know how to make a resume. If you are looking for a job in the United States, follow the instructions below to prepare your resume in english correctly.

How to make a resume in english

To make a resume in English, it is not enough to translate our resume into Spanish, since we could fall into certain errors and “vices” typical of the translation.

  • use the concepts profile (professional profile), Career Objective (career goals), Education (education), Work Experience (professional experience), skills (skills) and Activities (other activities carried out) to name each of the sections of your resume. Why? Because these terms are the most suitable for a resume in English.
  • Emphasize section Career Objectivesince the objectives of the CV are usually to attract the attention of Anglo-Saxon recruiters (and in addition, it is a very good way of explain your goals professionals).
  • The professions have different denominations depending on the country to which you send your application, so it is convenient do a little research before adapting your CV.
  • Tailor the job application to each job, company and country.
  • Reduce your resume to a single page And don’t make any spelling mistakes.

english resume templates

Here are three resume templates in englishIt’s totally free. When you click on the corresponding link, the template will be automatically saved on your computer. When you have it, you will only have to edit it with your personal data and your professional career.

📄Download resume in English (Elegant Model)

You’re a classic soul that you prefer your resume to contain the most basic sections? Then any of these templates are suitable for you, since they are limited to gathering the most important data of a job application: experience, education, skills and knowledge of languages. However, no matter how simple your template is don’t forget to adapt your content to the job you aspire to.

📄Download resume in English (Original Model)

If you like give a point of originality to your resumegood because your profession is creative or because you just want provide a differential value to your job application, any of these templates will be suitable for you. Some are perfect for professionals who have a lot of work experience; others for young people just starting out and they still cannot boast of having a long history.

📄Download resume in English (Basic Model)

This template is equipped with the most basic information a resume should contain (education, experience, languages) but also with a series of sections that will make a difference in your job application (personal skills, computer skills, social networks, etc.)

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