In our conference Enjeux RH and Le Monde Informatique “Digital at the service of HR, beyond the HRIS”, we discussed the transformation of recruitment processes, the employer brand, communication with employees, etc. It was the HR managers of PWC and Figaro Classified who came to talk to us about it with the HR project and marketing manager of Derichebourg Multiservices and the co-founder of the start-up My Job Glasses.

When we think of HRD digital transformation, it is first of all the computerization of administrative functions and the HRIS that come to mind. But this process is often already very advanced, or even completed. But digital is no longer limited to these aspects of the HR function. It now supports the heart of the business: monitoring recruitment, employee loyalty, career development, communication between HR and teams. Internal developments rub shoulders with tools as generic as Slack, specialized software, and even RPA (robotic process automation). As for AI, it is indeed in everyone’s mind for analyzing skills or monitoring recruitment, for example. But the HR departments remain cautious in the face of its biases and excesses, and it is still rarely the subject of concrete projects.

Last December, we discussed this ongoing digital transformation of the HR profession in our program entitled “digital at the service of HR, beyond the HRIS” which you can find in replay. We first received Lise Ferret (bottom right), HRD of Figaro Classified, the Figaro entity in charge of classified ads. Faced like many with employee retention issues, she explained to us how interviews had been formalized, why an employee NPS (Net promoter score) was now measured and how Slack was now used for communication between HR and teams. Valérie Vezinhet, HR Director of PWC (top left), gave us details of the complete review of HR processes carried out by the consulting and auditing firm, and its use of RPA (Robotic process automation).

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At Derichebourg Multiservices, the transformation process has to do with a population of employees who are not very interested in digital technology, poorly equipped, or even reluctant to use it. One of the solutions, as Romain Lavaud, HR project and marketing manager (top right), told us, was to set up an HR after-sales service team dedicated to HR issues related to new digital tools.

Finally, Emilie Korchia, co-founder of the start-up My Job Glasses (bottom left), presented to us her platform for connecting young people, high school students or already looking for a job, with company employees wishing to to make them discover trades and the codes of the company.

Emmanuelle Delsol

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