Wendie Renard and Eugénie Le Sommer (Photo by Thomas SAMSON / AFP)

Wendie Renard and Eugénie Le Sommer are among the 30 sportswomen pre-selected for the title of “sportswomen of the decade” which will give rise to an exhibition and a book “the 10 sportswomen who have most marked the decade 2012-2022”.

Ten years ago, women’s football was still a niche sport. L’Olympique Lyonnais already reigned over France and Europe but the exhibition was far from that of today. Ada Hegerberg or Sonia Bompastor believe that there is still a long way to go and that some things could be much better, but the image of women’s football in France has clearly changed. The 2019 World Cup helped that a lot, as did the reign of theOL or the good performance of PSG. While waiting to find out which of these two clubs will represent France in the Champions League final, the commitment of Wendie Renard and Eugénie The Sommer to promote French women’s football was highlighted by the media Sporting.

On the occasion of its 6th anniversary, the media has decided to pre-select 30 sportswomen over the period 2012-2022 so that the public can elect the ten who have, for them, best represented this decade. Fox and Le Sommer are the only two footballers in this selection and only one of them will be able to be part of the photographic exhibition and the book “the 10 sportswomen who have most marked the decade 2012-2022” which will be released after the votes. Indeed, Les Sportives announce that “If two sportswomen from the same discipline come out, the editorial staff will select the one of the 2 who will have collected the most votes.”

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