RMC journalist Daniel Riolo has spoken about Neymar’s current situation at Paris Saint-Germain. Drawing up a very alarmist observation…

Does Neymar still have his head at PSG?

Neymar is tough. Author of a disappointing season, undermined by another long injury, the 30-year-old striker is unable to regain his level with Paris Saint-Germain and displays statistics very far from his usual standards (5 goals and 5 decisive assists in 21 matches in all competitions).

On Saturday, the Brazilian still had to deal with the sinking of Paris SG on the lawn of Monaco (0-3) in the league. It has certainly not been helped by a team in distress since its recent elimination in the knockout stages of the Champions League against Real Madrid (1-0, 1-3). But he would also have his share of responsibility, believe Daniel Riolo.

Neymar would have hatred

Monday evening, on the airwaves of RMC, the journalist mentioned the current situation of the former Barcelonan. And he made a very disturbing observation when discussing the Brazilian star’s current lifestyle. Neymar no longer trains. It happens to him to come to training in a sorry state, limited alcoholic, he assured. And it shows… Strong words that lead to wondering about the state of mind of the Auriverde.

Neymar, who recently admitted to having returned from his injury giving [sa] live to be present against Real, did he let go at the end of the season? Riolo explains that the evil is deeper. Neymar is at a stage where he is in revenge. He wants, limit, eat the PSG. He has hatred. He no longer comes to train, he is no longer a football player. He seeks to seal the club from the inside assures the editorialist, without specifying the reasons for this revenge .

Neymar, a danger for PSG?

Neymar is serious. If Neymar is not vir, PSG is in mortal danger , warns the journalist. Who added a layer when his fellow broadcasters spoke of the malaise displayed by the player in a documentary broadcast on Netflix: PSG supporters have nothing to do with the pretenses of Neymar, the Netflix documentary… You have to sign his check for him, he has to leave. And very quickly because he is doing a lot of harm inside the club. Not reassuring words for Parisian supporters already disillusioned in front of the face displayed by their team…

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