You can start in the carpentry of a lifetime or you can also start in this course with “Maderística”, and learn about the discipline that deals with the pleasure of working with wood to make furniture with passion and identity. And who better than Patricio Ortega —architect, carpenter and co-founder of the Maderística workshop— to introduce you to the world of “signature carpentry” and take your first steps in this trade by building your first wooden furniture yourself.

In this course you will learn key concepts, techniques and tools used in professional furniture carpentry, to build a pine plywood stool without previous experience.

The first thing you will do is meet Patricio Ortega, who will tell you how he went from architecture to carpentry and how the Maderística workshop was born under the concept of “signature carpentry”. He will tell you about his influences, some very personal and others from his initial profession, architecture.

You will know the different materials you will need to work with wood. You will see the origin of the plywood board, its dimensions and you will make a cutting list that consists of ordering the pieces by size and thickness, with a series of useful tips.

Patricio will show you in detail all the tools that you will use in this course, differentiating between the essential and the complementary ones. You will understand the work table as one more tool and you will learn to use a milling machine, a jigsaw and a circular saw.

You will define the general dimensions of the stool and cut the pieces that make up the furniture with the circular saw. Following the basic rules to create this piece perfectly, you will make the design of the legs and trace the template, then cut them with the jigsaw and remove the excess.

You will learn to mark the axes on the seat piece, and you will make the cut with the manual milling machine for a more precise result. Later, Patricio will teach you how to make the guide for the cross fit, and the cut of the seat box, adjusting the tang of the box to fit it into the seat.

To finish, Patricio will share Maderística techniques to achieve a perfect finish, adding details and repairing imperfections. You will assemble the stool and… voila! You already have a piece made with your own hands and the knowledge to work wood like a professional.

You will build a 3-piece stool with half-timber joints and a cross tenon on the seat.

Anyone who wants to get off to a good start in the trade, or carpentry enthusiasts who want to go beyond the “intuitive” level and achieve more professional results.

You do not need previous experience in carpentry to take this course because everything will be explained to you from scratch, from handling the tools to basic techniques.

Regarding the materials, you must have a ruler, a carpenter’s square, a combination square, a jigsaw, a circular saw (optional), a router or trimmer, sandpaper, a hammer, and some other minor supplies. In any case, if you do not have all this variety of tools, this course can serve as a very useful guide to learn more about the role of each one, and the possibilities they offer you so that you can organize yourself and acquire them later.

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