It’s a great like sent to Macronie! The co-founder of Elyze – application resembling “Tinder of the presidential” – Grégoire Cazcarra, joins the office of government spokesperson Olivia Grégoire. “Grégoire Cazcarra is appointed adviser in charge of digital communication (…) from June 9” can we read in the decree published in the Official Journal this Tuesday, June 14.

Alongside François Mari, this 22-year-old student developed the famous Elyze application. Available since January 2, it was originally intended to match the user with a candidate for the presidential election according to the political proposals he approves, like the giant of the meeting in Tinder line. Since the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, the application has adapted its operation to candidates in the legislative elections, on the same principle.

Pro-Macron app?

If the tool has met with great success since its launch, placing itself at the top of downloads – more than a million – in France, it has however aroused strong criticism. In question first, the results proposed by the application: several Internet users, including Jean-Luc Mélenchon had stressed that in the event of agreement with all the proposals of all the presidential candidates, it was with… Macron that the user “matched” automatically. Faced with this curious observation, the application had defended itself from any favoritism, claiming that it was “strictly neutral and partisan”.

Another big rock in the shoe: a computer flaw had been spotted by a Twitter user, Mathis Hammel, which could have compromised the security of the application. A danger for the protection of personal data which had alerted the CNIL. The National Commission for Computing and Liberties had announced that it was verifying whether the application was in compliance with the regulations on these ” sensitive data “.

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Finally, Elyze’s detractors had accused the application of reselling this data, relying on its general conditions of use mentioning “the resale of usage data, always anonymised, to third parties” could we read there. In response, the founders pledged to remove them all “as soon as the next update”.

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