Before starting to look for a job, we must reflect on our profile and our professional objective.

The personal/professional profile Is the set of skills and competencies possesses a person, which will allow him to assume responsibilities of a certain profession. Analyzing our personal/professional profile has a triple functionality because it can serve us to introduce it in the CV, as a short paragraph just below the personal data, in the presentation letter when it comes to talking about ourselves and thus, both in one place and in the other or in both places, the selector will have an idea of ​​what we are like and where we are going before knowing what we have studied or in what we have experience. Finally, it can also help us when answering certain questions in the Job interviews.

Do you dare to make your profile? We leave you a document that can serve as a guide to start elaborating it

A well-prepared professional profile can make a difference compared to other candidates

The Professional Objective consists of answering two questions: doWhat we want? (what are my interests and what are our motivations) and what can we offer? (that is, our skills, attitudes, competencies, training and experience). We can also use it to put it on the curriculum vitae and/or in the cover letter and it can even be used for the interview. Defining our professional objective allows us to know what jobs we are going to look for and what we can offer as possible candidates.

To help you achieve your professional objective, you can start by analyzing your experiences in the following sections that we propose.

  1. Type of company: (Public, Private, Mixed, Family….)
  2. Sector: (Education, Health, Hospitality…)
  3. Work development: (Functions to develop)
  4. Level (Assistant, Technician, Manager, Director….)
  5. Salary: (Always annual gross)
  6. Hours: (Morning, Afternoon, Night)
  7. Day: (Total, Partial, Shifts…)
  8. Geographic Scope: National, International…


We consider that, in the case of having little experience and/or not being very clear about where I want to focus my professional experience, it is better To emphasize to the personal/professional profilebut otherwise, where we are clear about where I want to go, then it is better to emphasize the professional objectivealthough we can run the risk of limiting ourselves or conditioning ourselves to certain jobs.

Ultimately, each one of us must decide what is best for him to stand out: our strengths, knowledge, competencies, abilities or our professional interests and motivations

Look at these examples:


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