I am Anthony Roca, through the blog La Paie Facile, I offer people in professional retraining to the job of payroll manager articles and tips for successfully graduating as a manager.

If you’re, or want to be, a payroll manager, you’ve come to the right place. By continuing your visit to the Easy Payroll site, you will find tips and advice for discovering the job of payroll manager.

You will find links to payroll courses, payroll exercises but also a Silae payroll software training. Methods to help you find your first position in an accounting firm or in a business.

To a certain extent, current payroll managers will also find their account on La Paie Facile.

If you’re new to payroll, you’ll learn how to become a payroll manager from scratch. That is to say that you will find articles on the Easy Payroll blog that explain how to carry out a payroll manager job survey, find training, pass the training entrance tests, find an internship, prepare and pass the payroll manager professional designation exam.

You will also have access to the link to resources that will show you concretely how to find your first position but also how to become, after a few years of practice, a freelance payroll manager.

You will understand, La Paie Facile is a site made for payroll managers by a payroll specialist who does payroll on a daily basis.

If you want to learn payroll easily, then know that I have discovered the exact method that makes learning payroll easy. This method consists of delivering all the theory on payroll management and putting it into practice through exercises based on concrete cases. You know, the kind of case you will encounter when you have to make pay slips in an accounting firm.

I’ll share the method with you, just click on the button just below to watch a video that explains how, with a little work, you can learn payroll easily.

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