In a fiercely competitive job market, finding a job for which previous experience is not required can be mission impossible. However, thanks to the digital transformation, it is now possible to access certain telecommuting options that can pave your way to the job you are looking for, or use extra income if you already have one. there are many examples of online jobs that do not usually require previous experience. In addition, they are usually obtained in a simple way and among their advantage we could highlight the low level of risk and commitmentas well as the great flexibility in the schedule being able to do them remotely.

On the other hand, however, it is worth bearing in mind that most of these online jobs usually have very basic remunerationso if your objective is to obtain a high level of income with this type of work, it is very likely that you will have to carry out several of them at the same time.

Would you like to know the 10 online jobs top rated do not require prior experience?

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10 online jobs with no experience to earn extra income

Don’t forget that it’s about pretty easy online jobsin which you will not have to go to any office and the working day is what you decide.

1. Web page or app tester

Do you have knowledge about what should work on a website or app to be effective? If so, you’re in luck, because tester work is in high demand these days.

In fact, in most cases, it is not even required to have great knowledge, since theWeb developers often look for profiles that offer a beginner’s point of view to assess web usability.

To work as a web tester, you will usually be asked to perform a tests based on a demographic profile (education, knowledge, age and use of social networks). Later, you would go on to carry out a test of about 15-20 minutes, such as complete a web log, and then post comments in reference to that task..

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2. Virtual assistant

The virtual assistant worker is very similar to that of an office assistant. The main difference is that you will carry out your work from home. Previous experience is required for this job, but You are asked to be organized, efficient and transmit confidence to users.

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3. Search Engine Checkers

search engine evaluators examine the results Internet search and provide feedback on whether they are accurate, relevant and spam-free.

Although previous experience is not required for this type of work, it is true that the evaluator is required to have knowledge about the current internet cultureas well as possess good communication skills, so it may be that employers prefer to have people in possession of a college degree, although this is not exclusive.

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4. Micro jobs

In general, a micro job consists of the performing small online tasks that are paid with some money. Normally they are done after prior registration in some marketplaces intended for this purpose. Some examples of employment marketplaces would be clickworker or amazon MechanicalTurk.

Job opportunities may include crowdsourcing projects, voice recordings, small translations, take pictures of certain places, etc.

Since the fee is very small and the task takes very little time, the goal is perform as many micro jobs as possible. It is important to carefully review the payment policies of this type of work, since many companies choose to make the subscription only if you reach a minimum income established by them.

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5. Virtual jury

Although this type of work is less frequent than the previous ones, the truth is that many lawyers use this system to know the feedback they would get from a jury in a real session.

The most common task to perform In this type of work, it consists of listen to conversations engraved, video presentations, read some material and of course, answer related questions.

Because attorneys look for people who match the profile of potential real-life jurors, online jury companies ask applicants detailed questions to fine-tune the required profile.

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6. Data recording

Data entry is a constantly growing field in the world of online jobs. New Technologies make it easier for companies to hire freelancers, freelancers and individuals to work on projects of this type.

The way of working is usually similar to the one mentioned in the micro jobs of point 4: register and access the infrastructure of the company remotely or use crowdsourcing technologies to make transcripts fundamentally.

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7. Text corrector

Are you a lover of letters and grammar? Then this job is made for you. Employers may require you to provide some credentials such as having a writing course or previous experience proofreading.

Also it is very likely that you will have to pass a test before being hired. Once this is over, you will be able to access a block of various texts ready to correct.

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Do drop shipping It is one of the best ideas to get extra income.

This type of work is really a business model that encourages self-employment through direct sale of products to customers without the need for prior stocking. This allows you to start in the world of online sales without having to invest money to buy products, so the risk is low.

Since it is the manufacturer that manages the inventory and ships it to the customer, the work of a dropshipper consists fundamentally in giving an extraordinary customer servicein addition to have marketing knowledge.

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9. I work as a blogger

Starting as a blogger is one of the best online jobs that currently exist to get extra income. In addition to allowing you to build a personal brand while writing about your passions or what you are an expert in.

To make money through a blog you must monetize it. There are multiple ways: affiliate links, sponsored posts either add links where you sell dropshipping products.

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10.Instagram Influencer

Another very interesting option, especially if you consider yourself a digital nomad, is to become Instagram influencer. As was the case with the blog option, Instagram also gives you the opportunity to work on a personal brand based on what you know how to do best.

Among the most “consumed” topics in the environment of this social network, there are usually fashion, creative baking, makeup and travel.

You can monetize your Instagram account in several ways: sponsored posts, Instagram takeovers, or selling a product on your website. Of course, you must first have a certain number of followers and interaction to be able to obtain a consistent remuneration for this type of work.

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