Graphic design is made up of some key ingredients that anyone interested in this field needs to know. Silvia Ferpal, graphic designer and visual artist awarded the Spanish National Design Award in 2019, will explain a series of timeless fundamentals that will help you shape any project you have to face.

In this course you will be introduced to graphic design from the elements that compose it: shape, typography, color and composition. Throughout its five units, you will learn to land your ideas based on these basic principles and you will create your own visual universe from your imagination, creativity and graphic resources, which you can put into practice in a final project.

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To begin with, you will get to know Silvia Fernández better, who will tell you about her career, her work and her personal way of understanding the profession. She will also show you her main influences and some of her favorite books.

In the next unit, you will study in what ways an image is created according to its concept. You will approach the ideas of literalness and subjectivity before designing with geometries, representing some concepts with basic shapes. Then, you will review the laws of perception and begin to shape your final project.

Next, you will dive into the world of typography. You will see the different types of letters that exist and you will practice some exercises. In addition, Silvia will teach you different tricks to use them correctly, ensuring that all your texts have an attractive appearance, and she will tell you about the most common mistakes. Then, you will develop the typographic palette for your project.

Later, you will discover how color is perceived and how you can create harmony before carrying out various exercises. You will learn about the different color modes and Silvia will explain how to generate attractive palettes with effective formulas, so that they are associated with what you want to communicate. To finish, you will define your own color range.

In the last unit, you will focus on composition and learn how to combine form, typography and color in space. Led by Silvia, you will experiment with different techniques and ways to make your designs work in any format. To close the course, you will organize the elements of the images that make up your project with the help of a grid and you will share the final result on Instagram.

You will design a series of images that show your entire visual universe, in the form of templates to post on Instagram.

Anyone who wants to start graphic design or improve their creations, from client presentations to university projects. Also to entrepreneurs who want to have resources to give shape to their ideas.

It is not strictly necessary to handle any software, although it will be useful to have basic knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch or Figma.

As for the materials, you should only have a pencil, paper, your mobile camera and a design program. During the course, your teacher will use Figma, a free software.

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