Small details such as natural expressions or unconscious gestures are what fill an illustrated character with life. Omar Lozano, a Mexican illustrator who has worked for Marvel and DC projects, captures all these details in his protagonists with incredible results.

In this course you will learn to bring your characters to life through their facial and body expressions. Throughout the four units, you will understand the importance of reflecting your character and attitude in your poses. Using pencil, watercolors and wood colors, Omar will teach you how to design dynamic and expressive protagonists with a very personal style.

To begin with, Omar will tell you about his career and will tell you how his passion for drawing and the world of comics led him to become a professional illustrator. In addition, he will share with you the influences that he has nurtured throughout his career to find his personal style.

In the next unit, you will study the basics of creating a character, introducing you to the language of shapes and colors. You will understand the importance of the environment in the behavior of your protagonist and you will do some exercises to reflect on how she expresses herself and how she would move in different situations. Then Omar will show you some rules to improve the composition.

Next, you will go from idea to paper and get down to work with your first sketches. Then, following the advice of your teacher, you will bring your characters to life while working on their poses and gestures in detail.

In the last unit, you will define the color palette that best suits your illustration. You will apply it using watercolors and you will learn some tricks to create volume. To finish, you will accentuate some details with wood colors and add extra effects that increase the expressiveness of your protagonist.

You will illustrate a dynamic and expressive character using watercolors and colored pencils.

To illustrators, animators and comic artists interested in perfecting the facial and body expressions of their characters.

To carry out this course you will need basic knowledge of drawing and anatomy.

As for the materials, your teacher uses a mechanical pencil, a waterbrush, watercolor tablets, wood colors and a white pen. But you can choose other materials to follow in his footsteps, from pastels, acrylics, pens or fountain pens to inks of different colors.

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