Do you want to design and crochet fun characters? Learn to create amigurumis with an expert, Marcelo Javier Cortés, better known on social networks as Prince of Crochet.

In this course, you will learn to design and make your own amigurumi. You will see how to read a pattern and how to weave simple and complex shapes, which will help you to build a specific character, or to apply to your own creations. In addition, you will learn the techniques to ensure that your amigurumi is perfectly woven, with a polished and original finish.

You will start the course by meeting Marcelo, who will tell you about him, about his career, inspirations and influences, and what you will do in the course.

You will review the essential materials for the creation of your amigurumis. Then, you will learn how to crochet, create the magic ring, and the basic – and not so basic – knitting stitches. Also, how to read the abbreviations of a pattern, to knit following a design.

Marcelo will share his process of searching for sources of inspiration and will teach you some tips to turn your ideas into a design suitable for an amigurumi.

Let’s knit! Following the pattern, you will learn some simple and complex shapes from the points learned and you will be forming the different parts of the amigurumi: a winged rhinoceros.

You will start with the body, made based on a spherical triangle, then the head, made based on a spherical square; then, you will move on to the horn, legs, ears and tail. You will join all the pieces until you achieve the final shape.

Finally, you will learn how to decorate your amigurumi to give it a personal touch. By the end of this course, you will have learned to read knitting patterns and crochet characters.

You will create an amigurumi that replicates the shape of a winged rhinoceros, built with pieces formed from the techniques learned in the process, including shapes with a triangular, square and curved base.

To all those who want to learn to create amigurumis, whether they are beginners or advanced weavers who want to expand their knowledge.

No prior knowledge is required to take this course. Of materials, prepare: crochet hook, threads or wool of super fine thickness, embroidery thread, synthetic cotton, stitch markers, scissors, needles and pins with heads.

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