Creative direction is all about helping your clients connect emotionally with their audience. Ray Smiling, writer and creative director, is an expert in precisely this: building relationships through problem solving and storytelling. He has worked with clients like Amazon Music, Beats by Dre or adidas.

In this course, he will teach you how to go from the blank page to creative speech; You will sell powerful ideas to both clients and collaborators. You will learn to identify a problem and solve it with a creative solution that generates impact in the world. Do you want to captivate your audience with a compelling and inspiring speech?

First, you will meet creative director Ray Smiling. He will tell you about his career, which has allowed him to work with several international brands, and about the influences that inspire his projects, from designers to colleagues.

Next, you will explore in detail what a brief and you will learn to understand your audience to generate ideas taking them into account. Then, you will link the problem posed in the brief with a broader perspective linked to today’s world. You will then use this insight to formulate an idea to solve the problem. On the other hand, you will collect visual references that illustrate your approach, to give it an original, dynamic and clear touch.

Now yes, you will create your speech! You will start by making a presentation about yourself and your experience to your potential clients; later, you will add to the above the context of your project and the problem it solves. Next, you will study how to present your vision and approach convincingly, reiterating the strengths of your project.

Finally, Ray will provide you with more tips for preparing your speech and selling your ideas; You will also rehearse and condense your presentation. In addition, Ray will explain how to materialize your vision thanks to the collaboration with other creatives.

You will make a pitch deck innovative for a creative project, with which you will capture the attention of potential clients and collaborators.

To creative people who want to learn how to generate and present innovative business ideas.

No previous experience required.

You will need a computer and Google Slides.

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