Illustration is a creative way of decoding a message in the form of images. In this way, the graphic designer and illustrator John Joven brings the stories closer and arouses the curiosity of the little ones through fantastic settings, imaginary characters and wonderful worlds.

In this course you will learn how to produce children’s illustrations in Adobe Photoshop that tell great stories. Throughout the units, you will see how to bridge the analog with the digital. Thus, you will create textures manually and digital brushes to achieve vibrant pieces that draw attention to the warmth of their characters.

You will start the course learning about John Joven’s career as a freelance illustrator and how, from his experience and influences, he has ended up exploring and working with the current style and narrative.

Next, you will see the materials needed for the final project. You will look for references with which you will develop a mood board and you will be able to start shaping the story and the sketches of the characters and settings.

You will continue experimenting with the textures for your illustration and then you will digitize the spots that you like the most. You will choose the colors and your teacher will teach you how to apply the brushes created in Adobe Photoshop on your piece.

In the fourth unit, John will share with you tips to keep in mind to avoid problems in the printing process, as well as considerations about the space and the folds of the final product. Finally, he will show you how to save and send the work to the client correctly.

You will create a double page scene of the story or idea that you want.

Anyone interested in telling stories based on children’s illustration.

To take the course you will only need basic knowledge in Photoshop.

As for materials, you will use a computer, a scanner, as well as stationery.

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