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By Maïté Hellio | Published on 20/12/2021

Focus on a profession that is still little known but which tends to become essential in companies, that of Office Manager.

Coming straight from the United States, Office Managers have recently appeared in French companies. Their role ? Ensure the management of a set of administrative, organizational, accounting and event tasks of the company. A function that is all the more essential at a time of deployment of hybrid work and flex office. Lia Bazin, freelance Office Manager, introduces us to this profession which can give rise to many vocations!

What are the duties of the Office Manager?

The missions of the Office Manager cover a large part of the subjects of the life of the company, including among others:

  • Buying office furniture
  • The purchase of computer equipment
  • Payroll management
  • Relations with the accounting firm
  • The organization of business seminars
  • Onboarding of new employees
  • The implementation of teleworking and flex office

The tasks are punctuated by seasonality: “ In December, I prioritize accounting, when the accounts are closed, in June, the organization of the seminar, at the end of each month, the management of payroll variables…”, list Lia Bazin, Office Manager for seven years.

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How to become an Office Manager?

The position of Office Manager does not require a minimum level of diploma or prior experience. It is therefore open to many profiles.

“I myself became an Office Manager by chance, like manysays Lia Bazin. Previously, I did a dozen odd jobs and four different bachelor’s degrees, mostly in the humanities, I didn’t have a traditional background. A friend said to me: ”Are you looking for a job where skills are paramount and where you have to be resourceful and jack-of-all-trades?” and he told me about this job. I then did some research and I met a dozen Office Managers. One of them offered me an interview as part of a replacement and that’s how I got started! »

What are the essential qualities for this position?

“A good Office Manager must not have too much ego and know how to remain humble”according to Lia Bazin, who also recalls that this position requires the adoption of total neutrality and a certain discretion: “ We are not there to play politics, to intrigue, we are not staff representatives. We are often aware of sensitive information, such as a move, for example, which must not leak to employees. So we have to be careful! »

This position also requires great versatility, a gift for work organization and priority management and a sense of autonomy. “You also have to know how to look for information very quickly and not pretend to reinvent lukewarm water. For example, if tomorrow I am asked to write a teleworking charter, I will base myself on models that I will adapt to save time. Hence the importance of having a network »adds the one who created the Office Manager Club, to connect these professionals with each other in order to share advice, best practices or contacts of service providers (event agencies, suppliers of furniture or computer equipment, etc.).

Due to the automation of many accounting and administrative tasks, the Office Manager must also have an appetite for digital.

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Who does he collaborate with on a daily basis?

The Office Manager works mainly with the management team, HR, recruiters and the administrative and financial director. He may be required to interact with all the employees in the context of various projects, such as the sales teams or the support teams.

How much does an Office Manager earn?

There is no salary scale for this job, so its amount depends greatly on the professional’s negotiating skills: “On average, an Office Manager working in Ile-de-France earns 32K annually. The salary depends on the geographical area and the company in which you work. In general, the salary fluctuates between 26 and 45K”believes Lia Bazin.

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