O’clock is an online school that offers training to become a web developer in a matter of months. Success is there thanks to a method based on a telepresential format associated with a philosophy of accessibility and proximity with and between students.

This formula is already a success. O’clock has more than 3,500 students trained since its creation in 2016, for a success rate of 92% in the various RNCP titles for which it allows you to apply. After 6 months of training, students can thus obtain a level 5 professional title recognized by the State, which is equivalent to a bac +2.

Whether you are an asset in search of professional retraining, a student motivated to change careers or a computer enthusiast who fears having missed his vocation, O’clock gives you the tools to very quickly become operational in web development. And that’s good, it’s a sector that recruits a lot, with salaries ranging between 34,000 and 40,000 €/year.

The O’clock method, the key to success

This intensive training is based on live lessons hosted every day by telepresential. The student can therefore follow the training from home from his computer connected to the internet. He never needs to physically move, reducing transportation expenses and time spent commuting.

Image 1: O'clock, the most effective solution to change jobs and become a web developer

But make no mistake: O’clock has nothing to do with MOOCs or courses offered by OpenClassrooms, whose educational format is out of sync. Here, support is at the heart of the project. 90 trainers, all web developers themselves, make up the teaching team. They give lessons in live video (with an interface combining a slideshow presentation and a code window) and are available at any time to answer students’ questions. They can also be called upon for help during the practice exercises that follow the theory.

Teachers can be contacted either through a public channel or by private message. They are also accessible for voice discussions. The platform provides access to reruns of courses delivered live and access to educational sheets. A discussion thread also allows students to exchange with each other.

Image 2: O'clock, the most effective solution to change jobs and become a web developer

O’clock also relies on the creation of a reactive and close-knit community of students who will help each other to surpass themselves and set high goals to achieve. After class, students are invited to participate in challenges, independently or in groups, in order to put into practice what they have learned earlier and during the previous days. All under the supervision and with the support of an experienced teaching team.

Putting people back at the center of the transmission of knowledge without having to leave the comfort of their homes, this is the mission that this new kind of school has set itself.

Rapid professional integration in the line of sight

O’clock doesn’t just teach you how to become a web development whiz. The structure also accompanies you at the end of your course to help you find the job that suits you. Designing a CV, preparing for job interviews, putting you in contact with companies… many tools are given to the students so that they can enter the professional world very soon after their training. 70% of students obtain a job in the digital sector or access higher education following their training with O’clock.

The school offers several types of training depending on the duration and specialties chosen, but its most popular path is its 6-month web developer training, which is the most recommended for learning the basics of development, reaching a certain level of practice, obtain a diploma and give themselves every chance of being recruited quickly.

Image 3: O'clock, the most effective solution to change jobs and become a web developer

Other training is available to work on more specific aspects of development: ReactJS, WordPress, Symfony, data and API. Finally, O’clock leaves the possibility of finding a company in order to do a work-study course, allowing both to follow a demanding training and to come into contact with the reality on the ground in a professional environment.

Many financing options

75% of the students of the O’clock school obtain partial or global financing of their training thanks to one or more aids granted by public administrations. The school accompanies students in their search for funding, providing information and advice, directing them towards existing systems that can enable them to bear the costs of training.

For example, it is possible to use the money from your personal training account (CPF) to finance your courses at O’clock. People with disabilities (virtual classrooms are well suited to people with cognitive and hearing disabilities) can turn to Agefiph to receive a grant. Otherwise, training costs may be covered by individual training assistance (AIF) in certain cases: job seeker registered with Pôle Emploi, beneficiary of the Personalized Reclassification Agreement (CRP) or beneficiary of the professional transition (CTP).

Work-study, a winning formula

This mode of professional integration is no longer to be presented and is attracting more and more companies. It is financially interesting for both the recruiter and the student.

Choosing the O’clock school allows you to integrate a company with already solid bases in programming and to increase your skills according to the needs of the company. A path that very often leads to recruitment on permanent contracts at the end of the work-study period.

Image 4: O'clock, the most effective solution to change jobs and become a web developer
Yann, on a work-study program at Ipanova, a digital services company located in Blagnac, north of Toulouse.

Figures confirm the quality of O’clock training

The know-how of the O’clock school is now recognized in the French ecosystem of developers. The feedback from students has been dithyrambic, as evidenced by a rating of 4.8/5 on the Trustpilot site out of a total of more than 500 reviews, with 90% Excellent and 7% Good. The quality of the courses, the availability of the trainers, or the good atmosphere are highlighted.

“A great support, an abundance of help, trainers and a solid gold referent helper. Teamwork, lots of support”comments for example a student. “The trainers, and the whole team, are at the same time competent, didactic, professional, present and really available”, says another. If you are motivated to retrain and get started in web development, you know what you have to do.

This article was written in partnership with O’clock.

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