In New World, you can equip up to 2 weapons on your character. Each weapon has its own skill tree with two different directions depending on your gameplay tastes. In this guide, we tell you all the things you need to know about the Warhammer.

How do I get the War Hammer?

In New World, you have various ways to obtain this weapon.

  • By dropping the weapon in a crate or on a mob
  • By buying it in the Auction House
  • By crafting yourself or by asking a member of your company to craft. The profession that corresponds to weapon crafting is blacksmithing (weapon making).

What weapon should I associate with my War Hammer?

If you have chosen to make the Hammer your main weapon, know that there are not thirty-six solutions to have a good synergy with other weapons. A choice of the most classic, but which works, is strongly recommended.

  • Sword and shield: thanks to the defensive posture of the sword you will be able to have a much more tank aspect. The Warhammer is in no way a tank weapon except on those control skills. He is not able to protect your allies, while the Shield allows him to. So, if you want to have gameplay, we advise you to take the sword.

The skills to favor if you take the Sword and Shield as a secondary weapon:

  • Dual Axe: If you want an aggressive crowd-controlling combo, the Dual Ax is the perfect weapon. Thanks to its various crowd gathering skills and its Execution, you will be able to inflict heavy damage without batting an eyelid.

The skills to focus on if you take Double Ax as a secondary weapon:

The correct build for the warhammer

Skill tree build

In our guides, the builds we offer aim to have a perfect balance between the PvE and PvP vision once in play. It is intended for players who do not wish to lose resources in the reward of skill points.

hammer jump

Increase this offensive skill 3 times

A powerful blow that penetrates 35% of the target’s armor and deals 140% weapon damage.

Skill increased

○ Indomitable: Grants courage to the attack, making the attack unstoppable.

○ Lasting Trauma: Armor Break inflicts laceration on targets and reduces their damage absorption by 15% for 10s.

○ First Act: Increases Armor Break damage dealt to targets with full health by 15%.

earthquake hammer

Increase this offensive skill 4 times

A jump attack that crashes into enemies and deals 160% weapon damage.

Skill increased

○ Rough Judgment: If targets’ HP is below 30%, Hammer Leap damage is increased by 20%.

○ Impacted Fracture: Increases vitality damage inflicted by Hammer Leap by 25%.

○ Hammer of Haste: Grants haste and increases movement speed by 30% for s when Hammer Leap hits.

○ Selective Hammer: Press Basic Attack during Hammer Leap to perform a second attack that deals /% weapon damage.

crack hammer

Increase this offensive skill 2 times

The hammer crashes to the ground and creates an earthquake that deals 80% weapon damage.

Skill increased

○ Sign of Weakness: Trauma from the attack weakens victims, reducing damage dealt by targets by 10% for 10s.

○ Crater Hammer: Extends the range of Seismic Hammer by /m.

The passive tree build

exhausting hammer

Warhammer abilities apply Exhaustion, reducing the target’s Vitality regeneration by 15% for 5s.


If targets’ HP is below 30%, increases heavy attack damage by 15%.

overcome the pain

For 1s after taking damage, you deal 35% more damage.


Reduces vitality consumption by 30% when parrying melee attacks.

sprint hammer

While sprinting, reduces damage taken by 10%.

Simplified shipping

Hitting a target with an active debuff grants haste and increases movement speed by 15% for 3s.

Concussive impact

+15% damage dealt to targets affected by Warhammer debuffs.

Why this skill tree?

Offensive skills are very aggressive, they will bring the necessary damage rate to emerge victorious from a PvE or PvP fight. Passive skills provide the necessary resistance to make your character more tanky. With this build you will be able to control the enemies around you.

The allocation of stat points

New World

For the war hammer, it is obvious that it is necessary to take as many points of Force as of Form. Doing 50/50 will allow you to choose the branch you want to take: tank protector or tank DPS.

By taking dual stats equipment, you can choose to be a major increase in Strength or Form and thus have an adequate build. By taking Force points, you can be an excellent DPS and if you take Form points, you will be a reliable tank.

How do I level up my weapon?

New World

In New World, leveling up is very simple. The more you will use the weapon, the more experience it will take and will award you skill points that you can consume on your tree. The weapon does not take experience if you do not use it, a hit on the enemy is mandatory to get experience.

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