In New World, it is possible to equip yourself with 2 weapons. Each weapon in the game’s arsenal is equipped with new skills, a complete talent tree, but also very specific characteristics. Here, the Rapier is a fairly versatile weapon, as it draws its strength from Dexterity and Intelligence in order to apply bleeding on opponents or to dodge while on the hunt.

How to get the Rapier?

In New World, there are various ways to obtain this weapon.

  • By dropping the weapon in a crate or on a mob.
  • By buying it in the Auction House.
  • By crafting yourself or by asking a member of your company to craft. The profession that corresponds to weapon crafting is weapon crafting.

What weapon can I associate with my Rapier?

If you choose to take the Rapier as your main weapon, know that you will have a wide choice in terms of secondary weapons. However, not all weapons are good to take, because you have to take into account the synergy of combos and status effects that the Rapier provides. That’s why, we offer you a ranged weapon that will be able to aggro opponents as well as a weapon capable of stacking bleeding while controlling the enemy in front of you.

  • The Bow: Thanks to the Dexterity of the Rapier, the Bow is the wisest choice. Thanks to these rapid shooting skills, you will be able to generate fights from a distance and then finish them in close combat. It is also an ideal weapon for all opponents who try to take their legs around their necks.

The skills to favor if you take the Bow as a secondary weapon:

  • The Spear: still thanks to dexterity, the spear is an ideal weapon because the bleeding caused by the Skewer of the polearm will create a stack with the skills of the Rapier. While the spear will be present to control an opponent in melee, the Rapier will be able to activate long-lasting damage thanks to bleeding.

The skills to favor if you take the Spear as a secondary weapon:

The right build for the Rapier

Credit to newworld-builder

Skill tree build

In our guides, the builds we offer aim to have a perfect balance between the PvE and PvP vision once in play. It is intended for players who do not wish to lose resources in the reward of skill points.


Increase this offensive skill 3 times

A slashing strike so fast it extends the reach of your blade. In addition to the damage caused by the impact, this attack causes a bleed that deals the equivalent of 100% weapon damage over a duration of 12s.

Skill increased

○ Bloodthirst: Reduces the cooldown of the ability by 10% when the attack inflicts a first bleed on a given enemy.

○ Rebelote: Reduces ability cooldown by 25% when a single target is hit, even if they parry.

○ Adequate Distance: Increases Tondo’s direct damage by 100% if you are at least 4m from the target.

Embellishment and Coup de Grace

Increase this offensive skill 4 times

Beautification shocks its victims. Press “Light Attack” when Beautify ends to automatically chain to a Finisher. Finishing Blow is a lunge that consumes all stacks of Bleed caused by the Rapier to instantly deal targets hit for 110% of the intended damage.

Skill increased

○ Elegance: Grants Courage when Beautification and Finishing Blow abilities are used.

○ Bravado: +20 stamina when Finisher hits.

○ Fuel: Reduces Tondo’s cooldown by 3.5% for each bleed damage inflicted.

○ Bloody Death: Finisher deals 150% rapier bleed damage instead of 110%.


Increase this offensive skill 4 times

Allows you to adopt a particular posture and quickly chain five thrusts inflicting increasing damage. Frenzy can be canceled by a dodge at any time.

Skill increased

○ Oppression: Increases parry damage by 25% each time Frenzy hits.

○ Fleeting Strikes: Reduces ability cooldown by 7% each time Frenzy hits.

○ To the Bone: Extends the duration of bleeding caused by s’ Rapier each time Frenzy hits. This effect will also apply to future stacks the target may fall victim to, extending the total duration of the bleed.

○ Finishing Touch: The final hit from Frenzy will stagger the enemy.

Building the passive tree

Regenerative Strikes

Reduces all cooldowns by 1% each time you hit.

On guard

Deals 10% more damage when your target’s health is above 50%.


Deals 5% increased damage to targets bleeded by a rapier.


Deals 10% more damage when your Vitality is below 40%.


Deals 10% more damage when at full health.

red curtain

Critical hits reduce all cooldowns by 5%.

Why this skill tree?

Even if the Grace branch of the Rapier is interesting, the bleeds are much more relevant for fights in PvE, but also in PvP. Bleed damage will last over time, especially with the help of passives. If you want to use the spear as a secondary weapon, you’ll have a very fast character, who can easily stack debuffs.

The skills of the Blood branch are quick to learn, unlike the other skill tree which requires a certain mastery of the parry. The penalties will be your strong point so do not skimp on these assets.

The allocation of stat points

New World

For the rapier and secondary weapons, it is important to put a major portion of your points into Dexterity to take advantage of ranged damage. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to think of putting a few points in the Form in order to benefit from a few more points of life, especially for a melee DPS.

For equipment, you will have to take equipment with priority of Dexterity and Form to have hit points.

How do I level up my weapon?

New World

In New World, leveling up is very simple. The more you will use the weapon, the more experience it will take and will award you skill points that you can consume on your tree. The weapon does not take experience if you do not use it, a hit on the enemy is mandatory to get experience.

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