In New World, it is possible to equip 2 weapons. Each weapon has its own skill tree, talents and new passives. Here, the life staff is a Concentration weapon that heals and purifies your allies. In this guide, you are offered a build that will be able to suit both PvP and PvE players.

How to get the stick of life?

In New World, you have various ways to obtain this weapon.

  • By dropping the weapon in a crate or on a mob
  • By buying it in the Auction House
  • By crafting yourself or by asking a member of your company to craft. The profession that corresponds to weapon crafting is the dark arts.

What weapon should I associate with my Life Staff?

If you choose to be a healer, be aware that it will be complicated to combine weapons that will be in perfect harmony with the life staff. Indeed, this weapon is based on the points of statistics Concentration and she’s the only one doing it — at least, for now. However, there is a weapon that can be useful for healers, as it will allow you to control your enemies, but also to protect you in case of need, the Ice Gauntlet.

  • Ice Gauntlet: This weapon is based on theIntelligence, so it doesn’t correspond so much to the Staff of Life. However, this is not a real problem, because if healing is your main mission, you will not have to focus on the gauntlet of ice in the allocation of points. Thanks to gems or even with accessories, you can increase the Intelligence in order to inflict much more damage. This frost weapon will allow you to control the crowd using its skill Ice storm and if you are in a critical situation the ice prison will be an excellent way to survive, but also to purge yourself of all penalties and regenerate your mana.

The skills to focus on if you take the Ice Gauntlet as a secondary weapon:

The correct build for the staff of life

Credit to newworld-builder

Skill tree build

In our guides, the builds we offer aim to have a perfect balance between the PvE and PvP vision once in play. It is intended for players who do not wish to lose resources in the reward of skill points.

Holy Land

Increase this offensive skill 2 times

Creates an area on the ground for 15s that heals 10% weapon damage per second.

Skill increased

○ Holy Ground: Regenerates your vitality and mana 100% faster while standing on the Holy Ground.

○ Blessing: When allies stand on the Holy Land, they receive 30% more healing.

Protection Orb

Increase this offensive skill 3 times

Launches a glowing projectile that grants 15% Fortification for 20 seconds, heals an ally for 10% weapon damage, and deals 95% weapon damage when hitting an enemy (Fortification reduces damage taken ).

Skill increased

○ Bearer’s Blessing: If Orb of Protection hits an ally, they also gain 10% ability for 20 seconds (power increases damage).

○ Shared Protection: If you successfully hit an ally, you also gain Fortify.

○ Aegis: Launches a projectile that affects all allies within a 3m radius.


Increase this offensive skill 3 times

Launches a glowing projectile that deals 95% weapon damage to enemies, attaches to its target, and heals all nearby allies for 20% weapon damage per second for 10 seconds.

Skill increased

○ Imbued Light: Fanal’s area of ​​effect is now 50% larger.

○ Radiant Blessing: Fanal lasts 5 seconds longer.

○ Speed ​​of Light: When Fanal heals a target, it also applies % haste to them for seconds (increases movement speed).

Building the passive tree


Life Staff Light and Heavy Attacks no longer consume mana.

Intensive care

Life Staff Heavy Attacks now remove a debuff when hitting an ally.

blissful touch

When hitting an ally, Light Attacks heal the target for 20% weapon damage.

Speed ​​of Desperation

When you heal an ally whose health is below 50%, the cooldown of life staff abilities is reduced by -10%.

Sacred Protection

The Life Staff increases the base health of all your party members by 10%.

curved light

After a dodge, your heals are 20% more effective for 5 seconds.

Protector’s Touch

When hitting an enemy, Life Staff Light and Heavy Attacks grant 15% Fortification for 3 seconds (Fortification reduces damage taken).

unified minds

Increases the mana regeneration of all party members by 3%, including your own.

Why this skill tree?

The Holy Land will be ideal for healing your entire group without having to focus on single healing. The Protection Orb will allow you to buff your allies while healing them, but can also inflict damage if you hit an opponent. Finally, the Fanal will also be able to heal allies while dealing damage to your opponents.

Passives are very useful for mana regeneration, but especially for purifying debuffs on your allies. In addition, some passives will be able to buff your allies with Fortification. This class is optimized to be a real healer, the ice gauntlet helps to counterbalance the lack of damage.

The allocation of stat points

New World

So that you can always cast your healing spells, it is important to allocate most of your points on Concentration. Nevertheless, Form points are not negligible so that you can survive when you regain aggro because of your healing spells.

For your equipment, you will have to think about prioritizing the points of Form and Concentration in order to sublimate your healer a little.

Possible upgrades for the life staff

It is possible to bring a little improvement to your staff of life thanks to the gem which provides nature damage. Equipment based on concentration is optimal, but it is always possible to take heavy armor (especially for Wars) in order to have a little more life points to survive against assaults. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to think about putting Concentration accessories in order to compensate for the lack of statistics points.

How do I level up my weapon?

New World

In New World, it is very easy to level up a weapon. The more you will use the weapon, the more experience it will take and will award you skill points that you can consume on your tree. The weapon does not take experience if you do not use it, a hit on the enemy is mandatory to get experience.

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