In New World, you can equip up to 2 weapons on your character. Each weapon has its own skill tree with two different directions depending on your gameplay tastes. In this guide, we tell you all the things you need to know about the fire staff.

How to get the fire stick?

In New World, you have various ways to obtain this weapon.

  • By dropping the weapon in a crate or on a mob
  • By buying it in the Auction House
  • By crafting yourself or by asking a member of your company to craft. The profession that corresponds to weapon crafting is the dark art.

What weapon should I associate with my fire staff?

If you choose to take the fire staff as your main weapon, know that its power lies in your character’s Intelligence. To have a good synergy, it is important to take this element into account so as not to waste your points anywhere and risk having a character that is far too wobbly.

For the fire staff, there is a weapon that combines perfectly with it and another that will perfect the fire DoTs with a stack of bleeds.

  • Ice Gauntlet: An icy blast using your character’s Intelligence to freeze your opponents. The synergy between the fire staff and the ice gauntlet is perfect, even on the application of DoTs. These two weapons can complement each other perfectly and the Ice Prison of the Gauntlet will allow you to fill up on mana at a lower cost.

The skills to focus on if you take the Ice Gauntlet as a secondary weapon:

  • Rapier: Needless to say, the Rapier also draws its strength from Intelligence to inflict damage. It combines quite well with the fire staff, especially if you use the branch that inflicts bleeding on your opponents. In addition to burns, you can stack several penalties that will be fatal to your enemies.

The skills to favor if you take the Rapier as a secondary weapon:

The correct build for the fire staff

Credit to newworld-builder

Skill tree build

In our guides, the builds we offer aim to have a perfect balance between the PvE and PvP vision once in play. It is intended for players who do not wish to lose resources in the reward of skill points.


Increase this offensive skill 2 times

Launches a large ball of fire that deals 200% weapon damage and creates a 3m fiery field for 6s. The flaming field deals 10% weapon damage per second.

Skill increased

○ Scorched Earth: Flaming fireball field lasts 9s.

○ Grab: Direct hits with Fireball grant you 10% of your max mana and reduce Fire Staff cooldowns by 7%.


Increase this offensive skill 3 times

Causes an explosion of flames that deals 125% weapon damage and knocks all enemies back 2m. Ignites enemies for 3% weapon damage per second for 6s.

Skill increased

○ Burn: Each hit from Incinerate applies an additional stack of burn.

○ Cauterized Wounds: Restores 20% of Incineration damage inflicted as health points.

○ All Fire All Flames: Incinerate hits twice.

Flame thrower

Increase this offensive skill 3 times

Spawns a jet of flame from the end of the staff that deals 25% weapon damage per second. Each hit ignites enemies and deals 3% weapon damage per second for 6s.

Skill increased

○ Infernal Range: Increases Flamethrower range by 50%.

○ Hellfire: Increases the base damage of Flamethrower by 50%.

○ Flame Dance: Flamethrower has no cooldown.

Building the passive tree

Concentrated spell

Heavy attacks restore 5% of your max mana.

Clear ideas

If you have more than 50% mana, you get 10ù of reinforcement (reinforcement increases damage).


A critical hit with the Fire Staff spreads a burn that deals 3% weapon damage per second for 6s.


Your abilities have an additional 15% chance to critically strike.


Heavy attacks no longer consume mana.

Prophet of the Fire God

The fire staff increases your critical attack damage by 35%.


If your max health is below 50%, the fire staff increases your damage by 20%.

Light the fire

Burns last 20% longer.

Why this skill tree?

Whether for PvP or PvE, this build is a little bit all-terrain. With the passives, you will be able to no longer consume mana points during your heavy attacks and your skills are optimized to inflict burning damage on your opponents.

It’s a fairly simple class to play, as there is no question of parrying or riposting like the Rapier might have. The flamethrower will allow you to establish a certain distance with your opponents, but if you have difficulties, do not hesitate to change your weapon and take either the Rapier or the Gauntlet of ice to try to take the advantage .

The allocation of stat points

New World

So that you can have good damage, but above all a good dose of mana to cast spells, it is important to share the points between Intelligence and Concentration. Nevertheless, it is important to have the Intelligence points put forward in order to take advantage of level 200 which will allow you to have an improvement in magic damage, but above all a regeneration of mana points after a dodge.

For your equipment, you will have to make a nice mix between Form, Concentration and Intelligence. The form will allow you to have a little more life points, so resistance for all your fights, whatever the universe (PvP / PvP) and the rest will sublimate what you have already added by hand on your stat points.

Possible upgrades for the fire staff

With gems you will be able to add a good extra dose of damage. Also, gear with Intelligence stats can help you deal a lot more damage.

How do I level up my weapon?

New World

In New World, leveling up is very simple. The more you will use the weapon, the more experience it will take and will award you skill points that you can consume on your tree. The weapon does not take experience if you do not use it, a hit on the enemy is mandatory to get experience.

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