In New World, it is possible to equip 2 weapons on your character. Each weapon has its own talent tree, as well as skills specific to it. Here, the bow is a Dexterity weapon that finds its strength at a distance, but also through skills classified as sneaky. In this guide, you are offered a build that will be able to suit PvP as well as PvE.

How to get a bow?

In New World, there are various ways to obtain this weapon.

  • By dropping the weapon in a crate or on a mob
  • By buying it in the Auction House
  • By crafting yourself or by asking a member of your company to craft. The profession that corresponds to weapon crafting is engineering.

As for the arrows, you will have to take a trip to the engineering workshop to craft all the ammunition you need to draw your weapon proudly.

Which weapon should I associate with my bow?

As we said just before, it is possible to equip two weapons on New World. If you choose to have the bow as your main weapon, we have two suggestions for you in terms of weapons that can be combined:

  • Rapier : The Rapier is a thrusting weapon that benefits from dexterity just like the bow. You will therefore be able to benefit from a great synergy concerning the allocation of points or even in equipment by favoring Dexterity armor. It’s an optimal weapon for continuing the fight when your opponent is in melee, then by combining skills like Tondo and Rain of Arrow you’ll be able to stack the bleeds.

The skills to favor if you take the rapier as a secondary weapon:

  • Spear : The bow does not really have the ability to control an opponent, while the spear is able to do so. In order to meet the needs of the bow in hand-to-hand combat, the spear can be of great use to you. Thanks to its different control skills, you will be able to get a little head start on your opponents. Combining Swipe and Rapid Fire will allow you to inflict a good amount of damage. Of course, the spear benefits from Dexterity, so a synergy will naturally occur with this weapon.

The skills to favor if you take the spear as a secondary weapon:

The right build for the bow

Credit to newworld-builder

Skill tree build

In our guides, the builds we offer aim to have a perfect balance between the PvE and PvP vision once in play. It is intended for players who do not wish to lose resources in the reward of skill points.

Dodge shot

Increase this offensive skill 2 times

Jump back 5 meters and fire an arrow dealing 125% weapon damage.

Skill increased

○ Evasive shock: Dodge shot shocks over 2 m.

○ Good Distance: Dodge Shot gives you 33% haste for 5 seconds (you are faster)

rapid fire

Increase this offensive skill 2 times

Shoot 3 arrows in a row. The first two each deal 100% weapon damage. The last one shocks and deals 125% weapon damage.

Skill increased

○ Rapid Accuracy: If all 3 arrows hit the same target, reduces Rapid Fire cooldown by 50%.

○ Ultimate Blow: The last arrow of Rapid Fire deals 25% more damage.

arrow rain

Increase this offensive skill 2 times

Fires a 7 yard wide barrage of arrows that deals 150% weapon damage.

Skill increased

○ Barbed Arrows: Rain of Arrows inflicts bleeding and 85% weapon damage for 12 seconds (stacks up to 3 times).

○ Curved Arrows: Rain of Arrows slows down by 30% for 12 seconds (slow reduces target’s movement speed).

Bonus proposal for skills

For dungeons and PvP, there is one skill that deserves great attention: poison shot. You will be able to hit a large number of opponents to weaken your opponents much faster, but also to level up your weapon levels much more efficiently. You can exchange it for Rapid Fire, which is still an excellent skill.

Building the passive tree

Escape strategy

After dodging, deal 20% increased damage for 5 seconds.

Catch Me If You Can

If at least 3 enemies surround you within a 3 meter radius, you gain 33% haste (you are faster).

archer speed

Increases all damage by 20% for 5 seconds after dodging.

Combat Accuracy

The duration of debuffs is 20% longer.


Deals 10% more damage to enemies affected by a debuff.

Right aim

Heavy Arrow attacks are faster and deal 30% more damage.

Fatal Shot

If your target’s health is below 50%, you deal 20% more damage.

Unwavering Focus

When aiming, you take 20% less damage.

Boom span

The distance arrows travel before being affected by gravity is increased by 100%.

On target

Bow critical strike chance increased by 10%.

Why this skill tree?

The rain of arrows will find its interest in PvE, as in PvP. It is very useful to slow down your opponents, but also to support your allies who are in close combat against opponents by inflicting dots. Vanishing shot is a useful skill to avoid having enemies who want to attack at close range, which will give you time to change weapons to generate a devastating combo with the Rapier or the Spear. Then finally, the rapid fire will help you inflict a quick burst of damage while being able to aim for the head.

Passives come to sublimate the class by bringing some penalties to your opponents while giving you a speed bonus if opponents are close to you. This bow build requires the shooter to be patient and draw their bow in order to land heavy attacks, as the passives add a lot more damage.

The allocation of stat points

New World

The bow and secondary weapons offered in the build are all weapons that take advantage of the Dexterity. It is therefore worth putting a major part of your points on this stat.

In order to complete the characteristics of your character, you should not hesitate to take dual stats gear with Dexterity and Form. Be aware that without life points, you will not be able to survive if opponents come towards you, therefore, it is essential to think about your Form points.

Keep in mind that your character must have 200 points allocated on the Dexterity branch in order to benefit from the following bonus: +10% additional damage to sneak attacks and headshots.

How to improve your bow?

By equipping gems using dexterity, you will be able to have a much stronger weapon. It’s the same with light equipment: you can run faster, but also take advantage of armor bonuses that give you much more dexterity.

How do I level up my weapon?

New World

In New World, leveling up is very easy. The more you will use the weapon, the more experience it will take and will award you skill points that you can consume on your tree. The weapon does not take experience if you do not use it, a hit on the enemy is mandatory to get experience.

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