The National School for the Judiciary (ENM) is the only establishment in France which trains future judges and public prosecutors, practicing judges as well as foreign judges. The ENM also provides training for consular judges, magistrates working on a temporary basis, industrial tribunal advisers, justice conciliators and prosecutors’ delegates.

The primary mission of the School is the recruitment and professional training of representatives of the judicial authority, namely judges and prosecutors. Thus, the ENM recruits about 500 student magistrates per year, half of whom are professionals in retraining (former lawyers, civil service executives, lawyers, etc.). Their initial training gives them access to the functions of judge, magistrate, children’s judge, investigating judge, sentence enforcement judge and deputy prosecutor when they leave the ENM.

It also organizes compulsory continuing training for some 8,000 practicing French magistrates. Nearly 500 sessions are offered each year: they regularly offer places to professionals from the legal and judicial sectors.

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