In Adelaide, Corentin Moutet was disqualified for having launched several “Fuck youTo the referee. Benoît Paire, for his part, gave up for no apparent reason in Adelaide one game from the end of the match.

The Australian Open is fast approaching (January 17-30) and the Blues advance in dispersed order towards the first Grand Slam lifting. During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Corentin Moutet and Benoît Paire were on the bridge and their course stopped in the second round for the first and as soon as he entered the competition for the second. Two inglorious eliminations that took place in incredible conditions.

“Fuck you!”, Moutet crosses the line

In Adelaide, Corentin Moutet was nevertheless on track to invite himself to the quarter-finals. Winner of the first set 6-4, the Francilien dropped the second set 7-5 before completely losing control of his nerves against Laslo Djere. Furious to be joined in the score, the French (92nd worldwide) released twice “Fuck you!»Before ranting against himself by returning to his chair (from 3’20 on this video). An attitude which was sanctioned by exclusion from the court after intervention by the supervisor.

Paire’s lack of respect for his opponent

In Melbourne, Benoît Paire avoided yet another outburst against Swiss Henri Laaksonen, but his performance was once again disarming. The Avignon resident, who had been placed in solitary confinement after a positive Covid-19 test last week, bit the dust as soon as he entered the running. As his opponent flew to victory by breaking away in the third set (6–4, 3–6, 2–5) and was about to serve to win the match, the Frenchman suddenly gave up at a game of the end for no apparent reason. A more than limit attitude for the 46e world player who had expressed his fed up with the health situation in the world confident, after his positive test, “not to feel very good in the head.

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