What are the most sought-after jobs in Freelance? What job to do as a Freelancer?

New technologies evolve extremely quickly. In 2030, we will no longer use the same tools as today. Should we anticipate or keep up to date? What job to exercise as a freelancer, which will not be completely forgotten in a few years?

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On the web, we notice that the freelance jobs that come up often are ultimately not the most requested by companies. Get out of your preconceptions.

First, a quick update on the situation. the freelancing grows exponentially. And more and more employees want to become freelancers. In France, we have more than 1 million freelancers. This figure has been constantly increasing since the health crisis, telework obligatory.

What is the most popular freelance job?

We are not going to beat around the bush. Clearly, the most sought-after job in freelancing is IT developer. The second most sought-after freelance profession by companies is all information technology: social networks, etc.

For the job most research in Freelance, you obviously need technical knowledge in programming. Know that there are different domains, different languages. A computer developer specializing in WordPress may be less in demand than an expert on the Python language. Why ? Quite simply because there are more IT developers who knew the CMS WordPress than Python. There are almost more offers than demand.

Here are the top 10 most in-demand and sought-after freelance jobs:

  • 1. IT web developer
  • 2. Community management
  • 3. Software developer and app mobile
  • 4. Developer UX – UI
  • 5. Project Manager
  • 6. SEO Writer
  • 7. Coaching and training
  • 8. virtual assistant
  • 9. Graphic designer
  • 10. Videographer / Photographer

We are noticing a major “breakthrough” in the training and coaching professions. As there are more and more people who wish to become freelancers, they need to be trained in their future profession, or in addition to their activity.

Many people think of graphic design and copywriting when talking about freelancing. However, these fields are almost doomed to “disappear”, increasingly challenged by tools accessible to all or by artificial intelligence.
Jobs in freelancing evolve, there is a real change between the advent of freelancing (the designers were extremely solicited) and today (the developers are the most sought after).

Most in-demand freelance jobs in 2021 and beyond

Several studies, often American, prove that there is a strong demand from companies looking for specialized freelancers.

The freelance platform Upworkthe best known in the world, has published figures on the most popular freelance areas:

  • Web developer specialized AngularJS : + 149 %
  • Development UX : + 140 %
  • Web developer specialized WooCommerce : + 135 %
  • Content Marketing: + 135 %
  • Virtual Assistant: + 55 %

what to do freelancingSpecialization, the most sought-after freelance professions in the near future

As the number of freelancers is growing, one wonders if there will not be a “competition” between all the freelancers. Prices will be more and more competitive, and some freelancers will have to specialize in a specific area, in a niche, to stand out.

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If, for example, you are a graphic designer, know that you are today in competition with thousands of graphic designers in France or even millions in the world! It will therefore be necessary to find a niche and specialize in a very specific sector. For example : graphic designer for eco-friendly company. The codes are not the same as, for example, large-scale distribution companies. You can then create a portfolio close to your values ​​and specialized in a field.

If you are freelance salespersonit will be necessary to practice in this field on a marprecise, specialized why not in dropshipping ?

Generalized skills continue to have success in the world of freelancing. According to the companies, some ask for “hands-on” freelancers.

It will therefore be necessary to handle both sides: specialize in a specific area to reach customers and obtain more specialized missions (and often better paid). But also remain “generalist” to be able to garner several missions that may be simpler.

Most In-Demand Freelance Jobs: Look to the Future

You look at the trades that are most in demand in freelancing today. But will they be the same in 5 years, in 10 years? Or even next year? Technology evolves so quickly that a “one step ahead” is not one step too many.

2021 was the year of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Discover our article on this subject: Become a Blockchain developer.

Sport, a subject of the future? In France and around the world, the population is increasingly confronted with problems of obesity. Health and well-being will be two important elements in the future. Discover our article on this subject: Become a Freelance Sports Coach.

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Train continuously!

Many employees can see access training free of charge, financed by their employer. Unfortunately, when you are a freelancer, you often turn to self-training. It is essential to keep abreast of technological advances and news in your field. The goal is to keep your skills and acquire new ones, to have more and more missions.

For freelancers, the ideal, to train at a lower cost, and to follow webinars or free training on Youtube for example.

It is also necessary to keep informed of the economy of its sector. If you are a freelance writer, you should always follow the news in this field: new editor platform, prices charged, tools used, etc.


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