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The swarm ofshooting Stars of Monocerotides is active from November 27 to December 17. It owes its curious name to the constellation where it comes from: the Unicorn or Monoceros in Latin.

This swarm was discovered by Whipple in 1954 and originates from the comet Mellish which returns to the vicinity of Earth every 145 years. The resulting meteors have a speed of 42 km / s. According to astronomers, the swarm could be at the origin of many racing cars spectacular observed in XIe century.

To observe the Monocerotids, look towards the southwest horizon, between the unicorn constellations and Gemini around 4 a.m. UT, maximum time. The hourly rate will be low. Indeed, according to forecasters, it will not exceed two meteors per hour. The absence of the Moon will however be welcome.

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