Un update on the principles, methods, techniques and concepts of company management such as governance, sustainable development, strategy, organization, the specificities of digital companies, management and entrepreneurship.

The principles

Definition of management

Company management encompasses all the necessary concepts (knowledge, methods, techniques) to manage an organization, according to a given direction, while ensuring the expected level of performance.
Etymology: from English to manage, “to handle”, “to lead”, a term probably itself of Italian origin: “maneggiare” in the sense of controlling a horse.

What is management ?

Company management covers multiple aspects. That of the management of men is not the least. Under this generic name, corporate governance, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, strategy design, deployment, management and the specificities of company 2.0 are grouped together.

On this subject, also read this post “What is management?” written in the form of bibliographical references.

And the company released?

For a better management of power in the company

  • Principle of corporate governance
    Principle of corporate governance. Corporate governance. Definition, How to implement it, Sarbanes Oxley law, the power of stakeholder stakeholders, active consensus and negotiation LOLF
  • How to run the business?
    The company is a complex system that evolves in an even more complex competitive context while ensuring its share of social responsibility. Also the model of the supposedly omnipotent and omniscient leader, alone in the cockpit, is really not suitable. To steer the business today, it is a profound reform, not only of the organizational structures, but of the philosophy of the management that it is a question of initiating. Let’s review the seven inflection points of the process.

Prepare for the ecological transition

  • Sustainable Development in business What is sustainable development ?. How to implement sustainable development in business? How to conduct a CSR policy Corporate social responsibility?

Make sense of progress

  • Business strategy in practice What is business strategy? Concepts, principle, approach, strategic analysis, tools and Business plan explained and illustrated

Driving performance in all its dimensions

  • Management control, a lookout for times of uncertainty Online guide for the management controller of an “integrated by technologies” company. An update on the role of management control and the job of management controller, what are the tools, how to build your dashboard, how to use target costing methods, or ABC in short, how to measure performance and steer strategy.

The solution ? Adopt the right method …

  • Management methods in a company The main management methods of the company, a directory of all the methods of management, management, project management and implementation of information systems explained on the piloter.org portal

… And Use a good measuring tool!

  • Management dashboards The new management dashboards, the site’s reference work. Performance measurement is fundamental to all progress initiatives. A management dashboard design and production method particularly suited to the requirements of current companies

Finally, master the Digital Business and digital transformation

  • The digital company and cooperative tools The digital company is necessarily a communicating company using cooperative tools in the age of web 2.0 and the rise of social networks
  • The advantages of the digital enterprise Where we study the contributions of the digital enterprise on communication processes and the impacts of essential managerial transformations on the decision-making process for greater responsiveness.
  • What are the success factors of the digital business? What are the success factors of the connected business? What are the conditions for success? How not to fail? What are the pitfalls for employees to be permanently connected? What are the risks of the digital transformation, whether it be on the future of the salaried workforce and more generally on the world of work as well as on large-scale data collection

The Free Management eBook

Perfonomic, Season II is a guide for better management. This book is free and available in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats. Click image for more info…

The Perfonomic Book Season 2

Perfonomic Season II

8 action verbs and 32 illustrated recommendations for assumed performance management

Author: Alain Fernandez

Publisher: Éditions Mimismo

Collection: Practical Guide

6th 2020 edition

Pages: 200 pages
Price : free

Available: in formats: ePub, Kindle, PDF
www.amazon.fr, www.fnac.com, Google Play, etc.


Entrepreneurial qualities are today essential assets of an effective manager. It is still necessary to know the daily life of an entrepreneur. It is also a great experience to go on your own and add a remarkable brick to your career.

  • How to become self-employed How to become self-employed and start a self-employed business when you are an employee? How to choose the best status, advice for setting up a business, the particular case of the self-employed, the profession of freelance consultant, this is what this regularly updated online guide offers.

Boost team decision-making and build the pro-active business, the book to read

So pilot instead of controlling!

?? Performance Management is at the service of decision-makers, not of the company’s “policemen”! In the first part, this book based on twenty years of practice, detects the false routes of performance management before developing in the second part a concrete and illustrated practical approach.

Dashboards of the innovative manager, the bookThe Innovative Manager’s Dashboards, A 7-step process to facilitate team decision-making

Alain Fernandez

Publisher: Eyrolles

Pages: 320 pages

Price: 25 Euros

EAN: 978-2212569285

To buy this book:

Reference books

To discover…

How to use Wikipedia properly?How to use Wikipedia properly?
To fully benefit from Wikipedia during a training session, it is useful to take the time to understand its principle. Indeed, it is by knowing perfectly the limits of its relevance that one will be able to effectively use the famous encyclopedia. Its fundamental principle is as much its advantage as its main flaw. Let’s see all this and take advantage of a particularly effective user guide for all information seekers on the web.

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Of the authority
Authoritarian systems are by far the most common, but not the most effective. In an authoritarian system any failure must be sanctioned. If there is a gap it is because there is a fault. Who is responsible? These are heads that we want and not solutions. This management system does not promote the search for continuous improvement..

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