Many will tell you that anyone can be successful on the internet. For me the answer is different. Those who are motivated to learn and have strong shoulders will be successful. If you have this “setup” there is no doubt that you will be successful.

You have to constantly learn from your successes and failures.

Many do not understand the eye for detail in ecommerce. Choosing a good domain name, working with suppliers with whom you will build relationships or finding a product that sells are so many details that should not be overlooked and which are almost of the same importance!

A profitable e-commerce site starts with good market analysis. By making a comparison against the competition, you will learn a lot. Go to Marketplaces like Ebay, Etsy, Amazon or even Cdiscount to find out what is selling well. Learn how to master each social media and social networks to find the one that’s right for you.

Take pleasure in writing the first product sheets of your merchandise that you are going to sell on your site. Then, learn to delegate and hand these tasks over to people better than you.

In my team, there are only people who are better than me.

However, I have a very good overall vision of the whole operation and I have practiced in all areas, allowing me to have an optimized management of my projects on the internet.

I know how to manage logistics as well as understand how a product database works.

My speech adapts to BtoC but is different in BtoB. I know how to create labels, find a product that sells or create an E-commerce store from A to Z. What I mean to tell you by this is that curiosity and your desire to practice and learn will allow you to be successful.

And it’s not out of reach. If you enjoy what you do, you’ll want to learn new things every day, and then delegate what “amuses you the least.” So keep training.

And practice so that your sales site on the internet is as efficient as possible. The plugins, Shopify admin interfaces, or the services you are going to use are ultimately all the same. Once you master site building software, you know the rest.

Don’t try to have a turnkey store. Go ahead, create yourself. Optimize the site for search engines like Google. Marketing directly in the first weeks must be your priority to confront your product with the market, especially if your suppliers are abroad with delivery times, you doubt the purchase price or even if your Backup is not ready. Those who fail are those who expect too much.

You will discover a magnificent Shopify training on dropshipping on my site, it will certainly allow you to create a profitable E-commerce if you believe in yourself. Selling on the internet is really a matter of the mind.

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