Under the leadership of the French president, Saudi Arabia resumed speaking with Lebanon after a month of quarrel. An essential thaw for the small country which is undergoing an endless economic and political crisis. The ball is now in Hezbollah’s court.

In Saudi Arabia, French President Emmanuel Macron and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced on Saturday, November 4, an initiative to help Lebanon, which, for two years, has continued to sink into a crisis. unprecedented economic, diplomatic and political.

It’s here “breakthrough” of the “last chance”, headlines the leading Lebanese daily An-Nahar. For the Lebanese newspaper L’Orient-Le Jour, it is “A breach in an iron curtain”.

This breach was made in two stages. On November 3, the Lebanese Minister of Information, Georges Cordahi, whose criticisms against the war being waged by Saudi Arabia in Yemen had provoked the ire of Riyadh, ended up resigning as a gesture of good will.

The next day, Emmanuel Macron, “Who took the initiative to plead once again the cause of Beirut”, and MBS were meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati. It was for Lebanese and Saudi officials to seal their commitment, “With a view to restoring relations between Beirut and the kingdom” Saudi written L’Orient-Le Jour.

Hezbollah’s basic problem

Nevertheless, tempers the French-language newspaper, “For Lebanon, the risk of erring on the side of optimism is great if we are to see, for now at least, more than minimal success”.

On the form, the discussion between Macron, MBS and Mikati has certainly made “to melt the ice ”, writes the director of the


Julien Abi Ramia

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