All the meanings of the Mat’s blade

Le Mat du Tarot is a separate card in the game. In the Tarot de Marseille, it has no number, it is distinguished by this specificity. But in addition, the Mast seems to turn his back and is disinterested in everything.

In Rider Waite, the Fool wears the number 0, that of all potentialities, a bit like the Aces.

  • What is the Mat looking for?
  • What is he thinking about?
  • Why is he leaving?

To learn how to understand the Tarot card and get the most out of it, read the Matter Meaning below.

Le Mat du Tarot in a few key words

  • The Mat du Tarot card upright : spontaneous, freedom, travel
  • The card of the Mat of the Tarot upside down : madness, fear of the new, risk taking

Above in the video, a story of a Mast … The video will help you better understand certain aspects of the Mast’s card, his reactions, his way of thinking … Moreover, it is sometimes useful to understand the behaviors of the Mast, This allows to know, why sometimes, we remain in the misunderstanding for example in a romantic relationship …

Small Description of the Mat of Tarot card

Le Mat in the Tarot de Marseille

The Mat of Tarot card is the numberless card. In this, it includes the unlimited potential of the whole Tarot. Idea that we find under the appearance of the number 0 in the Rider Waite. What should be remembered about this singularity is that the Mast is a joker.

This implies that it does not have a specific place because it can be found at all the major Tarot card stations. We can think of him as the traveler of the Tarot who explores and observes each card. And this to live it and experience it.

He walks with a determined step towards our right, showing the quest for the unknown. Where is the Mat going? Does he know it himself?

His mind is free, carrying just a backpack and a stick. The dog that seems to attach itself to its purse represents either attachment to the past or the freedom to move forward. He is prepared in his quest because he leaves with a baggage, even if it is light.

The Mast in the Rider Waite

the fool rider waite

Rider Waite’s Mast does not have the same name. And that makes sense considering that it doesn’t totally correspond to the same imagery as in the Tarot de Marseille either. In addition, it bears the number 0, which tends to say that it is at the beginning of the Tarot, whereas in the Tarot de Marseille, it has no number and is therefore free to navigate between the cards. Also, the traveler of the Tarot is the Mast for the Rider Waite, while for the Tarot of Marseille, it will be rather the Bateleur.

Rider Waite’s Mate is called The Fool. The name carries with it the candor and ingenuity of the person. This is why he is precisely in an act of madness on the drawing. The madman of Rider Waite presents a young man a little dreamy on the edge of a cliff, carrying his backpack on his shoulder. With a smile on his lips and the flower in his hand, he does not look where he is setting his feet. He lets himself be guided by his intuition and with confidence. In front of him, the stranger. The whole map is based on this idea of ​​moving forward or not, this foot and falling or not into the void. And then, then, to know, if this void is really one …

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Meaning of the Tarot Mat at the place:

The Mat’s card when drawn upright shows a card of excellence.

  • It will therefore be an extraordinary card if you have specific projects or wishes.
  • It’s also perfect if you’re going through a transformation of some sort.
  • It is also a perfect card to meditate when you need to do appeal to your inner wisdom to help you put things in place that are important to you.

Better understand the Mat and its role in the Tarot

Making decisions, another aspect of the Mast

Llewellyn's Classic Tarot
Classic Tarot

The Mat card is a potential card. It represents all the possibilities offered but not yet realized. In the arcana of the Tarot de Marseille, Le Mat is in a favorable draw for all companies of all kinds, all new projects. Indeed, it announces the change, the departure towards the unknown.

Finding sufficient resources within yourself, so as not to be afraid of change and the unknown. Because, as we know, these two elements are among the most blocking in the life of humans.

The Tarot du Mat card may also represent choices. But these choices are different from those presented by the Lovers card. Indeed, The Lover finds himself in a tense choice. He is about to make a decision that he has yet to make, however. While the Fool, the Madman, has already made this choice in him.

If you have to make a decision or find yourself in a time of uncertainty, the Mate encourages you to believe in yourself and in your potential.

It also announces shifts, unforeseen things. Thus, Le Mat du Tarot promotes strong sensations. You can hope for luck or synchronicities on your way. The Fool of Rider Waite just as the Mat of the Tarot de Marseille, reminds you that only intuition can give the right path, the right path.

In addition, the menu is full of originality. Often, we tend to take this notion in a pejorative way. And yet, it also shows an ability to welcome outside of traditional patterns. And this is also what is required of us by the Tarot. Get off the beaten track, on which awakening is not possible. Also, the Mat’s map is undoubtedly one of the best ways to have the openness necessary to understand the other plans.

Finally, the Mat, due to the graphics of the map will also symbolize travel and movement. It can often be associated with abroad and with distant journeys.

You have to accept to listen to your heart regardless of the consequences. Now is the time to believe in yourself and have faith in what the Universe offers you.

6 Key phrases of the Mat in the Tarot de Marseille

  • The Mat of the Tarot will represent a lucky period, energy.
  • It shows the impulsive side, on the irrational side that is in each of us.
  • This blade often speaks of theunknown and the vision we have of it.
  • The Tarot card will be able to speak of theexclusion, marginality.
  • The Mast is often associated with travel, to new projects, but also to strokes of genius.
  • He is the symbol of the new beginning, always optimistic, for him freedom is what is most important.

The Mat’s card is drawn upside down:

the mat of tarot

In this case and if this is confirmed by the neighboring cards, Le Mat becomes violent and impetuous.

  • The emotions are strong,
  • heightened feelings.
  • Aggression and violence can escalate to the annihilation of who he is
  • In other cases it can mean the opposite, insecurity, fear of moving, immobility.

Thus, the desire for adventure is at its peak, it can lead to destruction. .

If this happens to you, you may fall prey to obsessions, manias, psychological problems. You can have ideas in whim … But the worst, the Mat whether it is Tarot de Marseille, or Rider Waite can happen totally the opposite. That is to say in total disorder, he can end up losing his freedom subject to vices or obsessive behavior. He will then approach the Devil.

Abrupt changes in situations, events and unexpected surprises to be grasped before it’s too late. One of the wonderful side effects of all of this chaining is the Mast’s personality change. You then become courageous, fearless. You are no longer afraid of anything, because you have nothing more to lose. In these cases, the Mast, who sometimes borders on madness, is as if helped by dark forces. The Devil always symbolizes recklessness.

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A few key words of the Mat pulled upside down

the mat of tarot

Upside down, the Mat card of the Tarot will often be related to the psychological sphere.

The card will be reinforced with other cards, (especially in association with cards like the Devil or the House of God or the Force), fads, and inconsistency.

He will speak :

  • madness,
  • of blindness,
  • of chaos,
  • excess,
  • of materialism,
  • immorality, d
  • of violence

You draw the cards with a specific person in mind:

  • In the professional field: This person is carefree, irresponsible, nonchalant. If you are an employer, avoid hiring him, you would regret it bitterly.
  • In the sentimental field: He is a rather carefree person, who lives from hand to mouth. She lets herself be carried away by her desires without worrying about the next day. It is superficial. Don’t expect a long relationship or any commitment from her.
  • In the financial field: Above all, don’t trust him. She is unable to manage her own material balance. She doesn’t have her feet on the ground enough to inspire confidence.

The Mate’s message:

Go on an adventure, something positive will always come out.

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Complements for the more intrepid

Le Mat and the Dead


This name is quite logical if we think that the dead are innumerable. It is therefore quite logical in this hypothesis that Le Mat does not carry a number. (in the same way the Arcanum without a Name does not have a name because death is unnameable).

Le Mat looks like an unconscious that goes through all the stages of life. The map shows a man holding a stick in his right hand and a bundle on his shoulder, he walks to the right with a determined step, he seems to have left to explore unknown countries, he is gone for a long time and to cover great distances as evidenced by his bundle. He goes on an adventure alone.

His stick of yellow color (symbolism of colors) marks the energy he draws from the earth in a relationship of divine essence.

The clothes are multicolored and give the impression that the character is a marginal, a vagrant, an original excluded from the established order, he cultivates his difference, he is outside the norm and therefore rejected by others. The majority colors blue and red however clearly show that there is a lot of energy in the character and also a quest for spirituality.

He is vigorous and full of energy as shown by his long strides and the red color of his feet. His feet are powerful and lead him where he wants, the Mast is free, he is not constrained by anyone and he moves with determination.

Le Mat’s animal

The Mast is accompanied by a dog, this animal which is on his left but which walks to the right seems to urge him to move forward. On the other hand, this dog does not appear in full and therefore himself seems to be pushed by something that we do not see. It is undoubtedly this something which also pushes Le Mat to leave, to make his quest.

The pants are torn on one side, the dog seems to have made this snag. The animal is flesh colored (symbolism of colors). Does it symbolize the bad impulses of men, the aggressiveness and the rejection of the latter towards the character. Or would he be the healing dog who heals his wound by licking it? Le Mat is excluded, he is injured, he is different from the others, he exposes his injury.

It is from this angle that Le Mat is the card of all the excluded, the marginalized, the vagabonds, the misunderstood, the unloved. He has nothing, only a bundle with which he sets off towards the unknown.

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