The French investor is positioning itself in a complex market, but in full revolution.

The bet was bold. Launch a fund dedicated to MedTech in Europe. The first part of the challenge has nevertheless been completed. Lauxera has completed its first fund, Lauxera Growth, endowed with 260 million euros (about 300 million dollars), becoming the largest European fund dedicated to medical start-ups. Its investment targets are clear, to support “strongly growing European MedTechs that provide innovative solutions”. No BioTech, nor start-ups at the very beginning of the adventure therefore, but more mature companies, which already generate a turnover and which need to “scale up”.

Supporting start-ups to the rank of mid-sized company is one of the favorite subjects of Pierre Moustial, founding partner of Lauxera. “Our job is to support start-ups that generate 4 to 5 million in turnover and bring them to an income of between 30 and 50 million.“, he explains. By betting on technological companies in the medical field, Lauxera anticipates a dual evolution of society. To meet the growing needs for medical support, our societies have no choice but to rely on the contributions of digital technology. In addition, Western health systems tend to better reimburse digitized procedures (remote monitoring of patients, in particular).

Lauxera has already started to invest in these areas, with tickets between 20 and 40 million euros per company. “Over the past year, we have invested nearly 25% of the Fund’s final size in 5 companies, playing active governance and advisory roles with the aim of accelerating their growth adds Samuel Lévy, founding partner of Lauxera. The fund has already invested in Reapplix, Lumicks, Caresyntax, Lifen and the PSIH Group (France). “The critical issue for these companies is mainly to quickly penetrate the American market», Analyzes Samuel Lévy. The founders of Lauxear want to make their knowledge of the American market an additional asset for the companies in which they invest.

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