The framework :

A beautiful town in the countryside…
With its 3200 inhabitants and its 1460 hectares, Lanvallay constitutes a point of convergence of the three roads which serve the Commune.
The Rance constitutes the western and northern limits of this Commune.
Only “The Viaduct” (200m long) connects Lanvallay to Dinan accompanied by an older structure, the old 15th century bridge joining the town of La Madeleine and the Port of DINAN.

Since 1973, a prefectural decree has pronounced the associative merger of three Communes:
– Saint Solen called “Les Solennais”
– Tressaint called “Les Jacques”
– Lanvallay called “Les Côtissois”: This nickname is given to the inhabitants of Lanvallay because they used to “side” a flower called “La Digitale”…

Lanvallay has several assets to attract tourists from all over the world:

On the one hand, the edges of the Rance make it a very particular attraction by the quality of the Landscape and the richness of the natural and exceptional heritage, this favors the development of walks along the banks of the Rance…

On the other hand, this small “Town” has a local and quality commercial fabric with Shops open all week which attracts significant activity.

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