Receptionists are needed in almost all types of businesses. Today, there is a high demand for receptionists who are well trained and properly trained. If you develop the necessary skills over time, you can become a professional receptionist.

On many occasions the person who takes care of the reception tasks in a company it is the first image or human voice that the client or potential client will receive. Without a doubt, this makes us clear about the importance of this figure within the human resources of any company. at the time of Search for a job receptionist, whether you have previous experience or not, it is important to take into account how this professional profile has evolved in recent decades.

Regardless of the branch, the skills of a good receptionist have been expanding over time since not only is it the image of the company to which it belongs, but on many occasions its direct management has to do with commercial aspects, image, and of course professionalism.

Taking into account that andThis professional figure is spread across the most diverse productive sectors It is important to be clear that not all skills and characteristics are going to be common. Obviously, there will be specific specifications when someone is oriented to the work of receptionist in the field of hospitality or does it in the entire industrial sector, these specific skills or abilities are always demanded in the job vacancies clearly, and furthermore, they correspond logically to the professional profiles offered.

If you have ever thought that you have the capacity and skills for this type of work, the first thing you should know is that in recent years this profession has evolved very broadly, going from being a figure based on image and public relations to a very important position in which they are required varied abilities and skillsranging from traditional ones based on public relations to issues related to new technologies, communication, etc.


Key characteristics of a good receptionist profile

Although later we will delve into the most general skills within the receptionist taste, we will distinguish two groups of key characteristics that are going to be basic in any case.

These key characteristics are the ones that must always be worked on, when they are innate, and on which professional development must be strengthened. We will distinguish two groups, on the one hand personal skills and on the other hand business skills or business related.

Receptionist personal skills

Appearance remains a key element and a basic feature to be taken into account. It is not just about maintaining an image of neatness in clothing, but also trying to convey a positive image through a feeling of vitality, energy, and liveliness..

The potential client does not need a receptionist with a constant smile on his face, but a feeling of efficiency, energy and determination. At the other extreme, of course, is not to confuse a good appearance with an excessive prominence of the image, it is not at all sought to impress through our clothing, but to do so through the professionalism that is shown.

Another key issue, within personal skills, is the communication and synthesis skills combined with something basic: knowing how to listen. Especially in sectors such as hospitality or those with a high rate of relationship with users, being able to communicate briefly but effectively, and at the same time being able to listen and understand the demands and needs of customers is a great point to favor. Of course, lateral elements come into play here, such as the ability to handle complex situations, dissatisfied customers, or doubts or problems outside the usual context… That is, the ability to improvise.

Staying calm and empathizing with customers is always important, but this should not be confused with lying or being untruthful just because we understand that this is what the client demands. The deception will lead to a total loss of confidence in the company, it is essential to know how to face reality and express it in context. The speed and mental sharpness when it comes to being able to express yourself in this way is also a very important element.

self-confidence, self control and communication and image skills would be the primary summary of those natural skills that are sought when finding a good receptionist.

business skills

When we refer to the business skills We are not only referring to the potential sales spirit that every receptionist must have, since deep down they are selling the image of the company they represent, but also as a means of dealing with equally important issues that are sometimes overlooked enough.

In the first place, it is essential that the receptionist has an enormous knowledge of the company, whether it is a single company with a single facility or a chain with multiple facilities, it is important to know the internal workings, the main characteristics of the company and response policies to certain situations that may arise.

know the values ​​and company culture in which you work is going to help a lot to deal with day-to-day situations, here the more you delve into it, the more tools you can have to carry out the work of the receptionist in a professional manner.

Of course it is important to know the values ​​and elements of differentiation with the competition, the advantages and benefits that are provided and also the possible weak points if any.

It is important to know that nowadays the business prospectus, the future customer, is anywhere and of course can be on the other side of the phone or the counter. These are important because the receptionist must have sufficient commercial capacity to even carry out pre-sales or sales. However, it should not be forgotten that this is not generally its function, it is not about overwhelming the client with new services or added services, but rather offering them another option if necessary.

If you want to go deeper into all these tasks, it is very important to show the market knowledge of the sector in which professional work was carried out. Nowadays it is much easier thanks to the Internet, knowing in depth who our competition is, how they work, knowing where the market is heading, etc., are also elements that can help in this performance.

Summary of professional skills of a receptionist

In addition to all the issues that we have already reviewed, and as a complement, we are going to review the main professional skills that must accompany a receptionist.

Organization skills in a receptionist

The job of a receptionist is very independent. They have to keep an eye on staff or employees and make sure everyone is on time. If you want to become a great receptionist, you should always focus on improving your organizational skills as much as possible.

Time management in the reception worker

Receptionists handle a wide range of tasks in a company. They are responsible for prioritizing things in order of importance. Unless you can manage your time efficiently, you won’t be able to perform the variety of tasks on a daily basis.

receptionist job

Communication skills important to work as a receptionist

Whether on the phone or in person, receptionists are required to communicate effectively. They are also responsible for greeting customers and welcoming them when they visit the company where they work. Therefore, you must acquire great communication skills (both verbal and written), this is mandatory to develop the job.

What you must take into account to work in England

Basic Administrative Skills for a Receptionist Job

Aside from handling customers and the necessary communication skills, receptionists also take care of the responsibilities of administrative work. Most companies that hire receptionists do so for the purpose of taking care of office equipment and maintaining office supplies. Therefore, you need to improve your managerial qualities as soon as possible.

Language skills that you can find when working at a reception

Job offers related to professional receptionists are available all over the world. If you plan to work abroad, you need to brush up on your language skills as well. Professionals who have a knack for speaking two or more languages ​​have higher chances of jobs. Therefore, knowing how to speak other foreign languages ​​can increase your chances of getting a job.

Multiple assignment skills for the receptionist

One of the most important job skills for a receptionist is multitasking. While working in a company, you will be required to handle a number of tasks on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to make sure that he can handle multitasking efficiently.

Elemental Listening Skills in a Receptionist

Receptionists are not only good communicators, they are also active listeners. Depending on the requirements, you will need to listen politely and carefully to what a customer or user has to say. Therefore, it is essential that you efficiently polish your listening skills and with this you will have great opportunities to acquire the job.


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