Grand reporter, JRI (journalist-reporter of images), presenter of the television news: the profession of journalist makes you dream. To exercise it, you need a solid general culture, excellent writing skills, mastery of information and communication technologies and a critical mind. Contrary to popular belief, a journalist does not systematically go into the field (for lack of time or budget). The Web, the telephone, dispatches from the major press agencies (AP, Reuters, AFP) also allow him to research, verify and transmit information to produce more detailed articles or files.

Curious, the journalist knows how to listen to faithfully transcribe remarks. Very responsive, he does not hesitate to work evenings or weekends to cover local or global events. Throughout his career, he enriched his address book, an essential tool for obtaining information more quickly.

Most journalists work for the written press (magazine press, specialized press, press agency, regional or national weekly press, regional or national daily press, free press) on different media: paper, online newspapers on the web, multimedia. … The status of freelancer (production of articles to order for one or more newspapers) is often appropriate for beginners.

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