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By Hugo Diverres | Published on 03/17/2022

Discover some simple tips that candidates sometimes tend to forget.

You vwe feel overwhelmed by the tips? Are you panicking as the interview approaches? We give you some basic and timeless to help you refine your strategy and sharpen your

not you limitz not looking online

Many people will advise you to use job boards or online CV libraries – we are the first! But no one said that you had to limit yourself to the internet to find your future job.

Job hunting is not only done online! Have you ever thought about job meetings? At job fairs? To introduce yourself in person with your best smile? Overcoming your shyness can sometimes be worth it.

do not hesitate no more to requester a professional in your sector to discuss with him live voice. Even if you have no chance of him recruiting you, you could learn a lot about the current dynamics of the market and future opportunities.

NOTbuilding relationships with people likely to recommend you is also a good way to stand out with recruiters. Stay listening of all the opportunities in line and offline !

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Evolve your resume

Have you applied yourself to make the most beautiful CV in the world? Great ! A job ad attracts you but your CV may not speak to the recruiter? Edit it! Your resume is not set in stone.

Like your career, your CV is a living document. You can and sometimes should highlight different skills depending on the position you are applying for. Change a few key terms and its layout, make it evolve as your research progresses and do tests to find out which type of CV attracts the most attention from recruiters. Of course, the same goes for your cover letter!

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Match your CV

Whether by an ATS or a member of the HR team, your resume is likely to be reviewed and sorted first by someone who is not an expert in your position. In other words, you must at first glance correspond as closely as possible to the job you are applying for.

The interview and the cover letter are good opportunities to nuance, clarify, detail. Your resume should match as clearly as possible with what the company is looking for. The meeting must be obvious for them as for you!

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be yourself

While you should be respectful, professional, and polite, your attitude doesn’t have to be boring. Above all, be authentic and natural. A very simple trick that we tend to forget, especially when we bet a lot on an interview for a job that makes us dream.

No candidate was hired after uttering this or that sentence memorized in advance. The cliches do not make the candidates memorable. Be friendly without showing off, friendly without being too seductive. In a word: natural!

Recruiters want to project themselves with you into a future common work environment. If you cheat early on, you won’t go the distance. Sometimes it’s easier said than done… But be yourself even is easier than playing a role, isn’t it?

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Don’t forget to say thank you

Are you so stressed that as soon as the interview is over, you run out to take a deep breath? As a candidate, stress sometimes makes us commit missteps and forget certain basic good practices!

Don’t forget to say thank you out loud, in a sincere way. Even better, also remember to write an authentic and personalized thank you email for each contact you met during the interview. A quality thank you email can make all the difference against your competitors.

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