One of the most important activities carried out when recruiting workers is the preparation of job descriptions. If this is the first time you hear about it and you want to know What is the job description? Do not worry, because this time you will find the answer to that question and, among others.

What is the job description?

The job description is an explanation of the responsibilities and conditions that a job has, as well as the knowledge and skills that the people who apply for that job must have. It can also be a means to contemplate the needs of a company that adjusts to the new demands of the market.

Examples of Job Descriptions

you can see more examples of descriptions directly in our categoryyou can see it by clicking or going directly to some of our menu options.

How does the job profile work?

The job profiling works as a tool to define and identify the tasks and functions of a position within a company or organization. Similarly, it works to verify the skills and knowledge of the person who occupies the position.

Tutorials and guide to make a job description

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Professional job descriptions and other vacancies

If what you are looking for is to make a correct job description and of a specific profession, you can find it directly in this link so that you can do it easily and following our advice.

How to write a job description?

A good description of a company can attract suitable candidates, although the job description format It must be specific, it is only a matter of taking into account a series of points to make good use of this tool, and they are the following:

  • Job Objective
  • Tasks to execute
  • Relations
  • Documentation
  • risks
  • Integration
  • Dedication

Differences between a profile and job description

Job profiles are usually dynamic descriptions that describe the tasks, characteristics and responsibilities of a position within an organization. Although, the job description is usually concreteis usually divided into the following ideas:

job description

At this point, the description of the available vacancy and the task to be fulfilled by the person to occupy the position are clearly and concisely defined.

Candidate Profile

If the objective of the position is already defined, then it is necessary to know the profile that the collaborator must have, for this a description of a person is necessary.

Competence and professionalism

This section defines the necessary skills of the collaborator so that he can implement it in the position, either in a group or personally.

Objectives and results

With this point it is possible to define how it is going to be supervised if the collaborator fulfills his objectives and goals within the organization.

Benefits and compensation

A Employment descriptions it cannot be complete without the benefits and compensations.

With the above, now you not only know what is job description, also what it is for and how you can do it. Take advantage of all this information to hire him today and write a job description quickly and easily.

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