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For more than 15 years, AT Internet has offered each website owner
free access to its audience data. Through a very easy-to-use solution, you benefit from essential indicators (traffic, sources, geolocation, etc.) to boost and manage your website (blog, personal site, etc.).

The XiTi Free project, initiated in 2000 by the reference company AT-Internet, is part of a process of “democratization” of Web Analytics. The generous idea of maintain a free version for the benefit of a huge community of users has made the success of XiTi Free, an essential solution for measuring the number of visitors to one’s personal website.

Extraordinary source of exchanges, the XiTi project strengthens AT Internet’s proximity to its hundreds of thousands of usersthereby advancing its decision-making solutions.

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XiTi Historical Editor, AT Internet is a global player in Web Analytics and Digital Analytics. Its professional solution Analytics Suite helps the most demanding brands measure, analyze and visualize data and performance of their digital ecosystem.

AT Internet has more than 3,800 customers worldwide in all business sectors, including more than half of the CAC 40 companies and major international companies.

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