Less than a year after leaving for Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku will return to Inter. Adored by the fans of the Italian club during his two-year stint, the Belgian striker will have to work hard to win their hearts back.

Lukaku will return Inter.

A standard flop. While he wanted to catch up after a painful first pass, Romelu Lukaku (29) missed in the great widths of the side of Chelsea. With a record of 15 goals in 44 games, the Belgian striker did not meet expectations, he who was recruited for the tidy sum of 115 million euros.

An industrial disaster for the English club, where he never really managed to find his bearings in the device of Thomas Tuchel. An implacable reality that will push the scorer into exile.

LaCurva Nord has no digr

Indeed, the Red Devil will return to another of its former clubs, namely Inter. Very successful during his two-year experience (2019-2021) with 64 achievements in 95 outings, a superior figure for players like Ronaldo or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lukaku will return to the Lombard formation during a paying loan of 8 million euros. euros to climb the slope with Simone Inzaghi. But if his ex-partners will not be unhappy to see him again, the supporters have not forgotten his departure.

At the time, the main interested party had made it clear that joining Chelsea represented a progression. Words that had not been passed on to Nerazzurri fans. We invite all Inter supporters not to fall into the trap said the Curva Nord in a press release on Instagram. Pretending that nothing has happened would only further accelerate this process that has been going on for years, aimed at making us all dumb and docile consumers. adds the group of supporters.

A blank page for Lukaku

Should we understand that Lukaku will be shaken up for his first steps with Inter? Not really. The tifosi only want the former Manchester United player to start from scratch. He will have to win support on the pitch with humility and sweat. He was supported and treated like a king, now he’s just like many others , says the Curva Nord. Lukaku has been warned: if he wants to be at ease with Giuseppe Meazza again, he will have to be irreproachable and score goals. Lots of goals.

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