An infographic that recalls the fundamentals of web writing and SEO to obtain good visibility on search engines …

Our Friday infographic is offered today by the 1ère Position agency which has assembled in the diagram below the process and the checklist of points to take into account to optimize your SEO writing: definition of the persona, determination of the ” research intention, choice of the query, identification of the relevant content, documentary research on the treated subject, estimation of the number of words necessary, writing of the text (of quality of course), construction of the structure in Hn tags, optimization of the Title tag (and not “meta title” rhôôô!), definition of the URL, drafting of the ALT attributes of the image tags (and not of the “Alt image tags”, ouch that stings 🙂) and finally work on the internal mesh /external.

In short, with all that and after going through these 12 steps, you should have “laid” a quality text that meets the search intent of the Internet user while taking into account the specificities of search engines. All that remains is to publish it and … measure its visibility!

You can also click on the infographic for a larger version:

Infographic: 12 steps for good SEO writing optimization. Source: 1st Position.

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