Welcome to the website of IMMO TREBEL

The local agency at the crossroads of 3 provinces, at your service for over 20 years. FREE estimate of your property by a real estate expert.

SELLING a property is a job and requires some experience.

  • We offer you a free estimate of your property within 24 hours.
  • We present your property to our continuously updated client file.
  • We advertise your property on the internet, on social networks, in the regional paper press, on the radio,…
  • We keep you informed of the progress of your file.
  • Our partnership with a credit broker allows us to avoid wasting time with unserious buyers.
  • We support you in all the administrative procedures: PEB, electrical report,….
  • Our commission is due to the deed. No sale = no fees.

BUYING a property is an important, even unique event, which is why our team.

  • Offers guided tours within 24 hours* of your call
  • Accompanies you in all your steps: Mortgage loan, notary,…
  • Advises you on prices, offers you similar goods.
  • Keeps you informed of opportunities via our email alert file.

* depending on the possibilities of the owners or potential tenants.

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