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The fun and educational site.
You will find over 1000 free fun and educational activities that stimulate the mind, encourage creativity, develop memory, improve dexterity with the mouse …
Kindergarten card

You will find Grande-Section, Moyen-Section and early CP kindergarten exercises for teachers and parents. These sheets have no other objectives than to help children and allow teachers rapid access to many areas of activity.
These nursery cards are made available free of charge and can be used in the classroom or in a private setting.
The Educational Resources concern: reading, rhymes, phonology, math, graphics and writing as well as the reproduction of tangrams and the plastic arts. Free and original, you will only find them on this site. These educational sheets cannot therefore be used for commercial purposes.

Auticiel, the Orange Foundation and Unapei are launching, the first collaborative site listing applications for people with autism. is a collaborative platform, a place of exchange and sharing, which allows carers and parents of people with autism to find suitable applications and thus promote their learning. Thanks to the involvement of medico-social professionals and families, now lists nearly 100 relevant applications.

Azahar is one of the first projects to integrate mobile applications developed specifically for the use of people with autism or other general developmental disorders.
My class of autistic teens.
Reading games
Autonomy: for non-readers
Using a picture book (on a computer)
Autonomy: for readers
Read the words to the end
The article game – The pronoun game
Words in the classroom
Build up simple sentences a bit.

Math Pages
The count (lowest levels)
Enumeration (upper levels)
Problem solving
The boxes count
The betting game
Lots of exercises to work with money
Learn to tell the time. Oral language pages
Learn to construct correct sentences
The notebook of life
A project on language.

Computer science
Software for use by people with intellectual disabilities. They have an adapted pedagogy (learning progress, graphics adapted so as not to be too childish, hearing aid options for children who do not read) and concern the learning of emotions (and their causes), reading, colors, concepts. spatial, time, time (find yourself in a day, learn the days of the week, months and seasons), etc. They are customizable and adapt to the level of the child.
Aldebaran Robotics, the French leader in humanoid robotics, has developed a set of applications for educators and children with autism. A website accessible to parents makes it possible to personalize applications and record the results of each child; these apps aim to help educators in their work to help children communicate better.

ABAxCounters was originally designed to provide parents of children with autism and their educators with a powerful means of accounting for applied ABA methods.

These counters being completely customizable, they can be applied in any field, such as education, surveys, stock market, stocks, different sports etc. etc.

A for Other
Quebec interactive web platform that combines video scenarios and explanatory sheets to help workers and parents living with young people with autism.
Signs of meaning

Signs of meaning is a Lille association which was created in 2003 by Simon Houriez.
At the origin of the project, there is a meeting between a hearing person and a deaf person, the observation of a limit in the adapted cultural offer and the desire to make things change. With emphasis on innovation and multimedia, Signes de sens launches into accessibility and visual pedagogy and quickly meets its audience, creating a real specialized network. Different museums, cultural places, companies, become partners of the association’s activities and little time it becomes obvious that these accessibility tools are not only of interest to the deaf.

This is why Signes de Sens is now developing its action towardsaccessible to all and universal design : create easy-to-understand, fun and non-stigmatizing materials, meaningful for everyone.


Autism Spectrum Disorders and Recommendations for Caregivers is an educational video game.

Play as a caregiver and help Adam, a young person with autism, face problematic situations in social life.

Common tools

Cognitive rigidity and learning to open-minded

cognitive rigidity

Pictorial scenario helping young people to avoid cognitive rigidity and understand the benefits of opening to advice others. It is explained that there are several possible paths to reach a goal and that sometimes, the path that we imagine can be blocked or require a detour.

Tonic chair
http://www.tonic-chair.comThe TONIC CHAIR is an ergonomic chair that incorporates an exercise ball.

Here are the main advantages of TONIC CHAIR:

– Better alignment of the spine.

– Your back will no longer suffer the damage caused by prolonged sitting in the same position.

– You will no longer have the feeling of having pain in your buttocks because the balloon acts as an air cushion.

– The ball absorbs 2/3 of the body’s weight, creating a very pleasant weightlessness effect and considerably reducing the load on the spine.

– Your sense of balance will be improved. Sitting on an unstable surface everyday will improve your sense of balance.

– It’s great for blood circulation. Sitting on an exercise ball promotes good blood circulation throughout your body.

the LATLLOO is a medical device which is suitable for children and adults and offers an alternative to ordinary sitting. It is a seat that can be used as a mediator to postpone an activity, as a working tool (in rehabilitation, in groups). It is very encompassing and reassuring and allows, among other things, to feel one’s bodily limits, to be more peaceful and invites relaxation and a return to calm.
JuggleApp is the first app that tells you what activities to do with each child with neuro-developmental disorders, according to his abilities.

This site distributes most of the books published by Autisme Diffusion in a digital format allowing them to be read on standard e-readers, tablets, or computers.

The ATED for your teeth project was developed to support children with autism and the adults around them (professionals and parents) in learning to brush their teeth and in preparing for a visit to the dentist.

Resources for inclusive education and pedagogy with ASD

Padlet a virtual whiteboard that allows you to post “posts (text, images, videos, links). It is shareable and collaborative, so employees can post their own resources.

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