There are those who have it very clear in life, but not everyone finds it easy to choose a profession. Choosing your ideal profession has a lot to do with knowing yourself. If you do a little introspection, you can find the kinds of tasks that go with you and which ones don’t hit you at all. We propose a quiz with 5 questions that will help you discover your vocation or the type of profession that fulfills you the most.

Not knowing what to do can have multiple origins. Perhaps you are attracted to so many activities that you don’t know which to decide on. Or maybe you feel afraid to specialize too much and that this will condemn you to a profession that does not fulfill you. You may be thinking about the exits of a certain work field that do not attract you more than those you have when you really do what you like. Frustration is an unpleasant feeling that we try to avoid with a wise decision. Reaching self-realization is possible (although work is not the only way to achieve it).

To carry out a profession, a series of capacities are required. All of them can be improved with learning, but there are some that you will surely think you have as standard. Analyze what they are because it will not only be useful when it comes to choose your dedication, but you will improve your opportunities when you submit your candidacies.

With this curious quiz we propose a way of looking inside yourself. It is not about getting a closed answer but about starting your own search. To do this, observe your way of facing life and how you resolve the situations that arise. You started the path years ago, since we are born we have the ability to choose and that defines who we are. If you have a chance, choose a profession that empowers who you are, not one that denies you.

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