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Many companies need make a business resume in which they make their name and the activities, products or services they offer known.

business resume or resume of a company must include the reason for being of the company just like him company profile in which all the information related to the creation and development of the company is detailed.

What should a good business resume include?

at the time of create a business resume, you should know that it has a series of characteristics and formal aspects that differentiate it from a personal resume. With this, the business resume format is distinct and must include the following parts:

  1. General information about the company:
    • Business name: you must write the company name at the top of the resume with a larger font than the rest of the text. important to include the logo of the company.
    • Home: indicate the exact address of the company or of the executive representatives.
    • Contact information: include phone numbers and email addresses, as well as registration with the relevant body.
  2. Reason to be:
    • company mission: describes the role currently played by the organization for the development of its activity and the achievement of its objectives.
    • View: reflects on the image we see of the company in the medium-long term future (employees, benefits, products or services, etc.).
    • identify and describe values on which the company will base itself to develop its activity.
    • Short and long term goals to carry out the company’s mission, defining the company’s present and future business activities.
  3. Company Profile:
    • Place and date in which the company began to operate.
    • Names and surnames of the legal representativesboth national and international (if applicable).
    • The company’s capacity to carry out the activities and services it offers (both technical, economic and administrative).
    • Indicate if it is a registered trademark.
  4. Products and services:
    • Prepare a list of the products or services that the company offers divided into sections.
    • provide the client portfolio for which services have been provided.
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