Your internal hard drive can sometimes show signs of fatigue or even sudden failures. This is why it is important to know how to recover data from your damaged hard drives. In this article, we show you the various ways to do it.

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It is a fact, the HDDs are not eternal. That’s why you always have to plan for the worst. And if data recovery can sometimes be complex in the case of degradation physical of the HDDsin other cases, it will be much easier if it is a system crash or a Hard disk damaged. We will see together the 2 possible cases, which are undoubtedly the most common. In the first case, your computer was not shut down properly and you lost the last saved data. In the second case, your computer no longer starts and you want to recover your data. Several methods are available to you.

In the first case, you can opt for the simplest method which consists of using a software dedicated like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro, which currently offer 50% discount with code C2L50.

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Use dedicated software

In terms of data recovery software, there are many on the market. We present to you today EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro which is currently offering an attractive 50% discount offer with the code C2L50. Note that data recovery is not reserved for Windows, the EaseUS editor also offers a data recovery solution for Apple computers: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro for Mac.

The wizard is very easy to use and this is one of the many advantages of this tool. Select the location where the lost data is located and let yourself be guided.

Then select the deleted data to be recovered and save them to an external hard drive or flash drive USBor any other storage space, except one that is corrupted or defective.

The other advantage of this software is to integrate a system of preview of the lost files in order to make sure that it is the good data.

Boot from USB stick or CD

If you like to put your hands in the engine and you want to perform this data recovery operation manually, here is another method to try in case your system does not start anymore.

Start (boot) your computer on a USB key live or a CD live. You can, especially if you don’t have one, burn a Linux version, or install a Linux version on your USB key, for free. This will allow you to access a brand new operating system which will allow you to benefit from an interface.

From this interface, you can copy each of your data and therefore, recover all or part of your data deemed important. This is still the best way to recover any data from a PC that no longer starts.

Take your internal hard drive out of the PC

Another scenario: not only does your PC not start, but a component or damage means that you cannot recover data from this PC either. The screen may be broken, the keyboard unusable or motherboard defective. So many reasons that will force you to remove your hard drive to place it in a healthy support.

This solution is quite simple. The idea is to access your hard drive through a route other than your primary operating system. you will have to take it out Hard disk from your PC, desktop or laptop. This will allow it to be connected to another support such as a docking station, a PC tower, or even to place it in an external box.

Call an expert

If no method really works, you will need to call in the experts.

For a fee, your hard drives will spend time in the laboratory where experienced professionals will find a way to recover some or all of your data. The procedure then is much more complex and sometimes costs several hundred euros. But the recovery of your information is guaranteed. In the case of a damaged hard drive, this will often be the only option.

All in all, there are several possibilities for recovering your data on an internal hard drive. If the former remain accessible, the latter will often involve going through outside help. The intervention of competent professionals will allow you to save most of your data. Hence the usefulness of carrying out backups regularly on different media, even clouds.

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