A shopping or to-do list, a questionnaire, a survey… There are many reasons for needing to create a document with checkboxes. The Word word processor makes this quite simple.

There are two types of checkboxes in Word: those intended for documents to be printed on paper and those intended for digital use. In the first case, it will be pen checkboxes. For a digital version, these will be clickable checkboxes.

Create checkboxes for a printable form with Word 2007, 2010 and 2013

  1. In a blank document, type the text to which you want to associate checkboxes, taking care to return to the line after each item;
  2. Select the text concerned then, in the section Paragraph of the tab Homepageopen the button drop-down menu Fleas and click on Define a chip ;
  3. In the window which opens, open the menu Symbol then, in the menu Policeselect Windings ;
  4. The empty checkbox is in the sixth row of symbols from the bottom.

Create checkboxes for a printable form with Word 2003

  1. Select your text, click on the menu Format and select Bullets and numbers ;
  2. Click on the tab With chipsthen click the button Personalize ;
  3. In the window that opens, click the button Characterselect Wingdings in the drop-down menu Police and finally the checkbox.

Create clickable checkboxes with Word 2007, 2010 and 2013

Before you can create clickable forms, you must first activate the tab Developer. Here’s the procedure to follow :

  1. Click successively on File, Options, Customize the Ribbon. In the window Main tabsCheck the box Developer then click okay ;
  2. You will see a new Developer tab appear in the last position of the ribbon. Word.

Enable Developer tab with Word 2007:

  1. Click on the button Microsoft Office, then Word Options ;
  2. Click on Standard ;
  3. Check the box Show Developer Tab in Ribbonthen click okay.

Once the tab Developer activated, it is possible to create clickable checkboxes:

  1. Click the area of ​​the document where you want to insert the check box;
  2. Open the tab Developer then, in the section ControlsClick on the button Creative Mode then on the icon representing the check box. On Word 2007, you will need to click on the icon Legacy tools symbolized by a toolbox icon, then select the checkbox in the menu that appears.

Note: Depending on the default Word file format you use, content control options may not be enabled. Instead, you will need to click the button Legacy tools then select the checkbox from the menu that appears. To enable content control options and make checkboxes clickable, you will need to convert your document to the latest Word format, namely .docx. To do this, click on the tab File then Convert and okay.

Create clickable checkboxes with Word 2003

  1. Click on menu Display then successively select Toolbar and Forms. A new Forms toolbar appears;
  2. Position the Word cursor where you want to insert a check box;
  3. On the Forms toolbar, click the checkbox icon.

Protect or lock a form with Word 2007, 2010 and 2013

If, for example, you have created a questionnaire that you want to share, it is preferable to protect it to prevent any modification, except if it is a collaborative document:

  1. Open the document you want to protect;
  2. Press on CTRL+A to select the entire document;
  3. Open the tab Developer then click Restrict editing ;
  4. In the pane that opens on the right of the page, check the option Allow only this type of changes in the documentthen, in the drop-down menu just below, select Filling out forms ;
  5. Validate by clicking on the button Yes, enable protection.

Protecting a form with Word 2003

  1. In the toolbar Formsclick the icon Protection symbolized by a padlock;
  2. If you need to edit the document, click the icon again to unlock it.

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