how to make money easily and quickly

To get rich it takes time and perseverance, it’s not a scoop. But sometimes, we need to earn money easily and quickly, a little money to help out, to make ends meet or to make an additional salary which is too low to cover the expenses. In this article I have listed 14 ways to earn money quickly and without special skills.

14 tips to make money easily and quickly:

# 1 Sites to earn money

Maybe you don’t know it, but on the internet there are quite a few places to make money. Ok you are not going to make a salary with it but a hundred euros per month is quite possible. I could have promised you a lot more, but I prefer to be realistic and not sell you dreams.

  • Moolineo: The best known, it pays you to read emails, to answer surveys, raffles, contests, by registering on sites and many other small missions. As soon as you have reached 15 euros he sends you a check at home. Access the site.
  • Loonea: Moolineo’s little brother, you will see it is a carbon copy, the owners made a second site because of the success of the first one, the missions are of the same order but you will not receive the same and you can combine both, so no worries it is interesting to register for both. To access the site, it’s here
  • Swagbucks: You will earn points by doing online surveys, watching videos or through your purchase which can be exchanged for vouchers, paypal, Amazon etc …

Warning, a word of caution for multigain sites: create an email address only for this, do not give your phone number, and pay nothing with your credit card, take advantage of the free to take advantage of this good plan.

  • Paid survey sites: Great classics but sure values.

You regularly receive surveys to do according to the profile you have completed (you might as well complete a profile that may be of interest to manufacturers 😉)

Do not spend too much time on each survey, the goal is to accumulate small amounts.

My favorite : Your opinion, Mingle respondi, I say and Toluna.

Registration is free and I can assure you that they are reliable and serious.

# 2 Rent your apartment or a room

Why not rent out your apartment or house when you go on vacation? So you can pay off a good chunk of your vacation and earn money. It is not just rentals by the sea or in the mountains that interest people: some will want to visit a city or go to the countryside to discover a region, in short everything can be rented.

All you have to do is take a few enticing photos and post them on sites intended for this like Airbnb, well known to all or HomeAway.

Likewise, you can rent a room in your house or apartment that you do not use, on Airbnb it is very profitable and this all year round if you live near a big city.

If you have an unused cellar or garage box storage space, I advise you to rent it with sites like: Ouistock

# 3 Sell to declutter

Let’s be honest, we surely use a quarter of the objects we have, the rest we store them, they clutter us up and for what reason? just in case we need it?

I started a big process of decluttering for about 2 years and I am doing very well and my wallet too. Anything that serves me more and that is worth something, we sell it on Le bon coin and it works very well. 10 euros here, 20 euros there and you can easily make pocket money: an advertisement on Le bon coin and an appointment at your place or near your work and voila.

When you have children it is even better because the objects quickly become obsolete.

# 4 Sell a service

Whether you are manual or not it is possible to sell its services (but what do you think?)

There are sites between individuals who offer to put you in touch like the jules more oriented on DIY.

Or the 5 euros site which offers you a whole bunch of services from your home, ranging from writing an article, through translation or Photoshop retouching etc … Rest assured you are not selling for only 5 euros this is the call price, then you can offer more expensive options …

For you to train as a Freelancer, it is quite possible on the internet as for example this training.

# 5 Rent a car

rent a car

Some people don’t have a car and don’t want to have one because they don’t use it much.

If you have a car in good condition, you can rent it between individuals on platforms like ouicar which connects people who want to rent their vehicles for a day or more.

If you don’t use your vehicle during the week or the weekend or a day from time to time, this is a good plan to earn some extra cash.

The sites that offer this kind of service also insure the vehicles. if you have a converted truck or a camper van, this is a good way to make it profitable.

# 6 Rent your tools

On a related note, you don’t use your tools all the time: basically you bought them to use them once in a while. when you think about it it’s not really profitable. It is possible to rent tools on platforms like Zilok.com or on Le bon coin?

By the day, or for the weekend. The opportunity to start a small business by buying large tools that individuals do not have and renting them on weekends on Le bon coin: For example a rotavator (to sow the lawn) or then large electric saws for the work Of wood.

If you can’t stock up, a drill or screwdriver will rent just as well.

# 7 Go shopping for others abroad

get paid for shopping

Are you going to New York? Cool, all your friends ask you to bring them something cheap? Well that’s a bit like the idea of ​​the worldcraze site

People will pay to bring them back brands that cost less overseas. Even with your commission it remains advantageous for them. Other people want to find a product that cannot be found in France and all of this makes your trip profitable and makes money easily and quickly while you shop.

# 8 Keep animals

This is done a lot in the United States, more in the big cities in France.

There are kennels but it is very expensive. By going through an individual who himself loves animals (it’s still better), the owner of the dog or cat will know that he is in a quiet home and not in a cage. We’ll take good care of him.

It is best to advertise on Le bon coin.

You can also in large cities offer to walk dogs on a leash for owners who leave them alone in their apartment.

# 9 earn money when shopping

Do you know about cashback? It’s a way to earn money when you spend it!

The leader is Igraal: The partner sites give you money when you buy through igraal which pays you the sum into a small pot which is credited with 3 euros when you register.

To know which are the partner sites Igraal allows you to download a small navigation bar which indicates to you if the site is in igraal or not, very practical to think about it.

# 10 register with online banks

Online banks offer good sums of money for opening an account. The trick is to put the minimum amount of money in the account and then take it out and take advantage of the referral bonuses.

I am at Boursorama and they offer 80 euros to the godson on average and 150 euros to the godfather. So by registering you easily earn 80 euros and then you can sponsor and easily make 150 euros regularly. The only condition is to reside in France, to subscribe to the visa bank card which is free if you have at least 1000 euros of income per month and there are no bank charges. Just don’t close the account for a year … And you get to earn money easily. You are free to remove everything from the account afterwards and keep your current bank.

If you are interested in registering on Boursorama by clicking here.

Many online banks offer welcome offers. So you can shop around and collect quite a bit of money like with hellobank The competitor who offers you 50 euros of welcome. Free bank card too but to get the money you have to register until the end but it is well paid and no fees.

# 11 Make money with apps on your phone

There are a multitude of applications to earn money from your smartphone I made a top 10 of the best in this article

This ranges from paid surveys, to in-store assignments, or application testing. You are bound to find something that suits you.

# 12 Get paid to listen to messages on the phone

to be paid to call

Even more unusual, it is possible to be paid to listen to advertising messages on the telephone. You just have to check with your operator if the numbers called are included in your package. although the site is not very engaging, I can assure you that it is reliable and the earnings are really interesting, it is cash4minutes.

# 13 Be the mystery shopper

Some stores are interested in testing their staff, their quality of reception and ask individuals to do mystery shoppers.

You must take notes and on your return answer an online questionnaire.

I talked about it in an article on the subject, for more info it’s here.

# 14 Make money with buy-resale

This is the basis of commerce, buy cheaper and sell for more. Several possibilities:

  • Either you buy lots on Le bon coin and resell them cut to size, the same on Le bon coin.
  • Either brands in big promotion or with Igraal in addition to save money and you resell them at a higher price during Christmas or then on marketplaces like Ebay, Priceminister etc …

# 15 Make money with a website

It is quite possible to make money by creating a website, which is what I have done with this site and others now. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about it and I trained and learned. You can earn money by promoting the products of others, this is called affiliation. Lots of sites on the net are based on this model. Ok it cannot be learned in a day but there are training courses to learn how to do it but overall everyone, even without skills, is able to make a living from their blog and earn money, there are lots of easy technical solutions . For example I recommend a free book which is normally sold for 15 euros on Amazon, a real good plan: I will show you how to do it and how it is possible.

Download the free book


With these 14 tips, I hope you find at least one way to make money easy and fast. Most are only valid in France, others can be applied anywhere, so just take action.

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