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There is no doubt that internships in companies are the first contact of many graduates and students with the world of work. Although internships are not considered actual work experiences -remember that the company internship agreement does not establish any contractual relationship between the company and the intern- they are essential for students to obtain their first experience. Thus, and given that the Curriculum Vitae captures all our academic and work experience: ¿How to make a CV for internships? How can we write a Curriculum Vitae for company internships effective?

Tips for writing a resume with internships

Now that we know how to include professional practices in the Curriculum Vitae when we apply for our first employment contract, we are going to do the same with the CV for professional practices; that is, the one we wrote to apply for university internships.

  • Write your profile: Since you want to take your first steps to become a great professional, any detail is good to differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates. Explain in three or four lines what your professional profile is and what you expect from the company internship.
  • Pay special attention to personal data: Full name, address, telephone and a professional email. The passport size photo must be current.
  • Explain your academic background: Since you have no work experience, you must detail all the studies you have completed from high school to university. Always in chronological order!
  • Titles and certificates: If you have certificates of languages ​​or complementary studies, you must also indicate it in a separate section.
  • Personal references: Personal references from teachers can earn you points in a selection process. Of course: do not include them in the curriculum; indicate that you have them and that you can provide them if the recruiter is interested in reading them.

These are the basic elements that cannot be missing in a internship resume. But are not the only ones! To make the best possible impression – which is, after all, what interests us most – we must write and attach a personalized cover letter for the company in question.

If the company belongs to the internship exchange of your University, it will suffice to write a cover letter for internship; On the other hand, if you want to get an internship contract that has not published any job offer, you will have to opt for the self-application letter for professional internships. This is the perfect complement for everything resume for university internships that is worth

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