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Are you studying a course or a university degree and do not know whether to indicate it on your CV? The academic training in the curriculum is an essential section, but it is even more so if it is a resume without experience, since it is the only one CV section in which you can give more details about the knowledge and skills you can bring to the company. Many people wonder if they should also include the ongoing training in the CV, whether they are university studies or complementary courses. Experts say yes it is important indicate current academic training in the resume so that recruiters know your current situation and have no doubts about your candidacy, but yes, it should be indicated in a specific way in the resume.

Yes you are studying a course or a university career Today and you want to reflect it on your CV, don’t panic! Whatever the reason for which you have not yet finished your studies, our recommendation is that expressly indicate in the document that you are immersed in your studies.

Tips for including unfinished studies in the resume

As we have already pointed out, the section of education or academic training It is one of the most important parts of the curriculum structure, especially if you are young and want to apply for an internship or apply for your first job. Take note of the following Recommendations to indicate the training in progress in the CV clearly and neatly:

Just include the courses you are currently taking

It is understood as “training in progress” all the unfinished studies are currently being donehence you should not include those you started a long time ago and that today you have left them aside.

To indicate ongoing training on the resume, write the full name of the studies in which you are currently immersed (such as “Degree in Medicine” or “Postgraduate in Marketing and Social Networks”) and write any of the following words in parentheses: in progress either at the moment. You can also include the expected end date to show that you continue studying.

Don’t give too many explanations

Don’t list the reasons for which you have not finished your studies to date. The recruits will not be interested in knowing all this information, so just reflect the name of your studies and make it clear that you are currently dedicating yourself to them, whatever the personal circumstances that surround you.

Specify the skills you are developing with your ongoing training

In the case of resumes without experience, it is advisable that you specify what types of knowledge or personal skills your studies are giving you, even if you have not finished them. For example, if you are studying a university degree, indicate the subjects you are currently studying as well as all those subjects that are related to the job or internship you are applying for.

Order your training chronologically

if you are studying two or more courses or careers at the same time and you have not finished any of them yet, it is recommended that you indicate them all. Order them chronologically in the academic training section and don’t forget to write in parentheses in progress either at the moment.

In addition to indicating it in the CV, you may have to mention your unfinished studies during the job interview. Some recruiters will want to know if you are willing to combine your studies with employment and how you will do it so that it does not influence the execution of your tasks. In these cases, make it clear that you have the necessary availability to divide your time between work and studies.

If you want to expand your training to add it to your CV and convince your recruiter that you are the right person for the position, we recommend the online courses of the Intefi business school. You can find several online courses that you can do at your own pace if you dedicate yourself to the business world. Among them you can expand your knowledge in areas such as accounting, human resources, marketing and sales or business management.

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