The IP address is the identifier of a computer on the network. There are several types: the public IP address is the one retrieved by the websites consulted, it is this which determines the Internet connection used. The private IP address is that of the computer on the local network, whether wired or Wi-Fi.

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If you want to know your public IP address, you can consult This article, in which we suggest some well-known services. The public IP address can only be obtained by consulting websites that have a module for displaying visitors’ IP addresses.
I’IP adress private, it is not accessible from the outside, you can only know it from the settings of the operating system.

All devices connected to the network have an IP address. One local network assigns an IP address to each computer, Tablet, smart phone or object that connects to it, regardless of the technology used (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,…). By knowing this identifier, you can take advantage of tricks like ignition Where extinction ofcomputers from a distance.

To change the way IP addresses are assigned on the local network, it is necessary toaccess your router settings.

How to know his private IP address with ipconfig?

Even if the method may seem brutal for neophytes, the commands via the terminal are precise, direct and extremely efficient. First of all, it is necessary to open the Windows Command Prompt. To do this, type “cmd” in the search bar, then press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

The command prompt is also called a terminal. It allows executing commands without a graphical interface. To know the details of its network configuration under Windows, you must type the command “ipconfig” and validate with the “Enter” key.

The Windows IP configuration is displayed next. There are details of each of the connections: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. In our case, the computer uses Wi-Fi to connect to the local network.

The IP address is located at the end of the line beginning with “Address IPv4 “. Here, the computer’s private IP address is

How to know your private IP address without using the command prompt?

Obviously, Microsoft also thought of those for whom the mention of the words “terminal” and “command line” makes their hair stand on end. It provides the option to get the private IP address with just a few clicks. Move the mouse to theicon network connection, at the bottom right of the taskbar, then right-click and select “Open network and Internet settings”.

In the windownetwork status that appears, click the “View your network properties” link.

Properties for all available network connections (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) are displayed on a single page. You must therefore check the name of the connection and the status of the connection whose IP address you want to know.

In our example concerning the operational Wi-Fi connection, we find the IPv4 address:

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