The human resources experts consulted agree that the work profile is a synthesis of your skills, outstanding aspects of academic training and work experience, but with an emphasis on demonstrable skills and achievements.

At the end is a summary that highlights those elements that make you suitable for a specific position.
To be effective, it synthesizes, in a maximum of one or two paragraphs, the most relevant aspects for the profile of the vacancy and the company to which you are going to apply.

Remember that in the work profile it must be very clear what you are and what you ‘offer’ as a professional, without underestimating or overestimating the successes you have achieved. The idea is that whoever reads it understands immediately why you are the right candidate for the position to be filled.

In order to achieve this, briefly describe the highlights of your training and experience, in addition to mentioning job skills of value for the vacancy. However, avoid using absolute value judgments such as: I am the best, I am the most capable or the one you need is me.

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Basic tips for writing an ‘attractive’ professional profile:

– Highlight achievements: support the sentences about your training, experience and functions carried out with arguments, quantitative and demonstrable if possible. This way you will have facts that validate and support your career and education.

– Include competencies and abilities: when writing, do not forget to describe some of your most outstanding skills and competences. Remember that you can adapt the text, according to each job offer or company to which you apply. It is not about lying but about focusing your skills on a specific work area, position and company.

– Consider adding leadership skills: in addition to the natural skills of each profession, it is advisable to mention managerial, strategic and team management skills, if you have applied them in your jobs. The objective of this practice is to show you as a suitable candidate in all aspects so that the coach sees in you not only a solid candidate in the technical part but also integral and with potential.

Finally, the specialists felt that it is pertinent to periodically review your perspectives and professional interests in the resume. Keep in mind that companies evolve as the world advances and you can lose ‘validity’, if you maintain the same profile for years or decades.

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Examples of professional profiles

Example 1

Outstanding experience in the commercial area with an emphasis on mass consumption in the food, toilet and tobacco categories. Management of the distribution chain in all its phases: strategic allies, distributors, wholesalers, drug warehouses, independent supermarkets and the TAT channel.

Strengths to interpret, analyze and diagnose markets, as well as to design and implement tactical and strategic plans. Results-oriented and timely decision-making. Ability to lead, train, coach and encourage teamwork to achieve high performance results.

Example 2

Metallurgical and materials engineer with a profile oriented to the planning, organization, direction and control of productive and administrative processes. Knowledge in extractive metallurgy, metallography, metalworking.

Professional academic complement with studies in administration, environmental management, industrial safety and occupational health. Ability to work in a team, adaptability and learning, creativity and organizational dynamism.

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